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The Asiancy S6 BTS Part 2

In these three exclusive interviews, get to know more about The Asiancy, Season 6 models: Frank, Shawn, and Eli. Frank loves to show off his body and find out how he keeps it that way. Frank also has a nice package for his fans; see how low this guy likes to squats. Shawn, opens up … Continue Reading

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I like to work hard to obtain a hard body, but sometimes I just need a break and do something different. I figured I would try Pilates to work on my breathing and core. After a few sessions, I could feel a huge difference in my body. I’m able to take deeper breaths to push the heavy weights … Continue Reading

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St. Patrick’s Day – My Little Leprechaun

I’m restless, awake, and needed attention. I’m lying next to Bobby; he’s sound asleep and I’m trying so hard to wake him up. Finally, after hearing me constantly stretch and moan, he woke up and we can finally get this St. Patrick’s Day started. I love a little role play in the bedroom and today … Continue Reading

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Mission Completed

We just wrapped up an exciting production this week. It’s our last night here with Diego Vena and Jessie Lee. I’m already missing our entire cast. Even with new cast members, I felt like I had already known them for a long time. Stay tuned for the season preview that we will be releasing in … Continue Reading

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LiveCams – StMysterious

I logged on LiveCams tonight and chatted with StMysterious. There were no boundaries with this guy. He was here to show me what I wanted to see. I loved watching him play with his ass and cock and hearing his sweet moans. He listened to all my commands and knew what would turn me on. … Continue Reading

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Peter Le in “Scenic View”

I left my hotel to explore the Grand Canyon and found myself staring into the center of its gaping chasm. I have never seen such a wide and deep hole. I ventured through more of the area and found a cabin unlocked. I wondered who it belonged too. I peeked inside and saw that no … Continue Reading

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OFFICIAL PF CREW T-Shirts Pre-Order Sale

I’m excited to announce my hot new t-shirt designs for the new OFFICIAL PF CREW line of clothing. Originally these were going to be for my models only, but I figured why not let my members, fans and friends order them too. These exclusive Tri-blend V-Neck T-Shirts come in two different colors, Grey and Navy … Continue Reading

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