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Peter Le and Eric East at Summer Splash Party

Eric East and I are taking China by storm! After all the partying at Club Papa and Club Funky, we didn’t stop there, we got down to our speedos and attended the Summer Splash Party. We took pictures with fans and relaxed poolside. This trip has been unforgettable and spending quality time together with Eric … Continue Reading

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The Novella Series S3E3 “ITB App .69 Miles Away”

I heard of this new ITB app that just came out and I am always searching for hot new guys to fuck but I never expected to see Coda on there. I always thought he was straight, all these years I’ve known this guy and he never said a thing. I always wanted to fuck … Continue Reading

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Club Funky

PeterFever Takes Over Club Funky

It’s been non-stop partying ever since we got to China. PeterFever took over Club Funky over the weekend and it was an incredibly crazy night. Eric and I, dressed up and fallen angels so we were ready to be bad. We got down and dirty on the dance floors. I also got a picture from … Continue Reading

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LiveCams - JacquesMillerX

LiveCams – JacquesMillerX

I was on LiveCams tonight with JacquesMillerX and I love meeting guys from different cultures. I got curious from reading his bio and I definitely wanted to play a guessing game with him. It’s nice when a guy tries so hard to turn you on. He was giving me the best show of my life … Continue Reading

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The Asiancy Season 7 “Behind-the-Scenes Part 1″

It’s been seven seasons of The Asiancy and this has been our most exciting season. We had a gay wedding. Unfortunately, we had to cut one of the actors out of the production, but we’re going to show him in the behind the scenes. Let’s just say he’s a big bear that enjoys riding and … Continue Reading

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LiveCams – CuteStark

I  chatted with CuteStark tonight on LiveCams. He looked like a regular hot guy but then he spoke. The sexiest part about him besides his body was that he spoke French. I didn’t understand what he was saying most of the time but it sounded romantic. We didn’t have to understand each other to know that … Continue Reading

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The Novella Series S3E2 “ITB App – Back in the Scene”

I was nervous. Wolfie was standing there and I didn’t know what to say. I had just got out of a serious relationship a few months ago when my ex left me broken hearted and then there I was with a random stranger from the ITB App in my room. I don’t know if I … Continue Reading

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