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Another Place I Call Home

Life is about compromises. After movingI found a decent gym called L.A. Fitness and there are better ones out there but I recently signed up for membership here since it’s very close to my office and has great parking. The members here aren’t the overly muscled type like the ones from Gold’s Gym instead it’s … Continue Reading

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I like to work hard to obtain a hard body, but sometimes I just need a break and do something different. I figured I would try Pilates to work on my breathing and core. After a few sessions, I could feel a huge difference in my body. I’m able to take deeper breaths to push the heavy weights … Continue Reading

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Raising Awareness

Element Magazine presented 2014 Asia Pink Awards in Singapore, it’s the magazine I have been writing fitness article since last year. They had honored 15 inspirational heroes in the community, such as M Ravi, a Singapore lawyer, who is advocating for gay rights. You can find out more detail of the show here  Also Element’s latest project this … Continue Reading

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Element Magazine

Element Magazine’s Fitness Columnist

I’ve been writing fitness articles for Element Magazine since last year and I enjoy helping health conscious people get in better shape. I have written 3 articles for the Singapore based magazine. It’s Asia’s first alternative men’s high-fashion and lifestyle journal with a strong editorial interest on the Asian LGBTI community. I think having this … Continue Reading

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How Much is Too Much Cardio?

It all depends on your goal. If you tend to look like a marathon runner, then keep on running. If you want a sprinter or bodybuilder body, try using HITT (high intensity interval training). The ideal HITT session last for 20 – 30 minutes. If you go longer then that, you are just burning yourself … Continue Reading

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Start Small for Big Results

I know a lot of my fans have been asking me how to get the best results out of their New Years resolution to get fit. Well, the best thing to do is start small! By that I mean two things… First, set small goals for yourself and build up to the bigger things. If … Continue Reading

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Sexy Gay Santas sent by White House?

As the White House touts the LGBT-inclusive aspects of the Affordable Care Act — including and a pledge that no one will be denied coverage or charged a higher premium because they’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender — one artist collective deigned to spice up the healthcare conversation with a festive, steamy video. Full Frontal … Continue Reading

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