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Epsom Bath Salt

I’ve been lifting some heavy weight and my body takes a toll every time, until I recent discovered Epsom salt baths. The first time I heard of the salt bath, I thought it was a silly concept. It wasn’t until I received Epsom salt for Christmas that I gave it a shot. After my intense … Continue Reading

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Great Gym Culture

Online Fitness Coach

I’ve been really successful at training my clients to build strength and lose stubborn body fat. I train in Pasadena and I have clients traveling as far as 15 – 20 miles away just to train with me because of the results I give. I have so many people wanting to train with me but … Continue Reading

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Spartan Race

I signed up for the Spartan Race next weekend and this will be my first race. I have no plans on winning the event, but I wanted to do this for the experience and to do something fun with my friends. It’s a race with obstacles, where I will be climbing walls, crawling through mud, … Continue Reading

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Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Goals

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the corner. I hear a lot of people setting their fitness goals after the holidays. It’s great, but there’s no perfect time to start on your fitness goals. Why wait for over a month to start something you have putting off for months, when you can … Continue Reading

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USA Powerlifting

I finished in first place for my last competition of 2016. This was the Southwest Regional held in Palm Desert and it was a tough meet. Every competitor in my weight class lifted up some heavy weights. I was able to hit some new personal records for my squat and dead lit, but it was … Continue Reading

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Foam Rolling

Lifting heavy weights isn’t the only thing that going to help you lift heavier weight. Recovery is just as important. Foam rolling helps get rid of adhesion in your muscles and connective tissue. I say for every hour I spend training a muscle, I spend 5 – 10 minutes stretching and foam rolling a week. … Continue Reading

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Gym Talk

When I’m at the gym, I get these college students always asking me for advice. Sometimes I feel like I’m giving my personal training advice to a wall. They always stare at me with a blank look in their eyes if I’m not on the same bandwagon with them. For example, a college kid in … Continue Reading

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