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When to Call it Quits for Cardio

Do you ever feel like a zombie running on the endless treadmill but on top of that you are not losing weight? Then you guys need to listen up. If you have been doing the same type of cardio for the same amount of intensity and time, then it’s time to change it up. Your … Continue Reading

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How to Get the V-Shape Look

What makes a man’s body attractive? I’m with the majority who agrees that a guy with a V shape body is very sexy and desirable. Some may ask how do I get the V Shape body but don’t worry I’m here to help you with that. When you first see a guy with a V … Continue Reading

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ca compeition

California State Championship

So, I didn’t win 1st place, but I did come home with 5th place. I’m a little disappointed with myself, but I’m not going to let it keep me down forever. This has actually gotten me more fired up for the my next competition. I know coming into this sport that it’s all subjective, but … Continue Reading

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squat king

King of Squats

I’m getting ready for a competition next month and I’ve been training my legs like a monster. I’ve been seeing gains but ever since I moved to another gym, all there olympic bars have rough gripping in the middle. It’s bad news if I’m lifting heavy because the bar resting on my upper back, as … Continue Reading

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Another Place I Call Home

Life is about compromises. After movingI found a decent gym called L.A. Fitness and there are better ones out there but I recently signed up for membership here since it’s very close to my office and has great parking. The members here aren’t the overly muscled type like the ones from Gold’s Gym instead it’s … Continue Reading

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How Much is Too Much Cardio?

It all depends on your goal. If you tend to look like a marathon runner, then keep on running. If you want a sprinter or bodybuilder body, try using HITT (high intensity interval training). The ideal HITT session last for 20 – 30 minutes. If you go longer then that, you are just burning yourself … Continue Reading

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Loss Fat but Maintain Muscle

One reader recently asked me if it’s possible to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. I know a bunch of muscle magazines swear by it, but the truth is you can’t. You can’t build muscle and loss body fat at the same time unless you just started training from a very … Continue Reading

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