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Ditch the Cardio

If you can’t keep yourself distracted enough to do cardio, then this is for you. Like most people, we only do cardio for the purpose to lose fat and not for the enjoyment. Cardio is an aerobic exercise, where your heart rate is about 65 to 80 percent of your max rate heart. At this … Continue Reading

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Look Good for Summer

Summer is in full swing and there are just a few weeks left to enjoy it, whether it’s out camping, pool parties, or at the beach. There’s one thing in common in these outdoors events and that’s being shirtless. With all the hard hours of training in the gym, the season has come to show … Continue Reading

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Prop 65, Good or Bad?

You guys probably have seen the prop 65 warning labels on your supplement bottles, but is it that harmful?  It’s a difficult situation to determine whether or not a product with the warning sign is bad. For example, putting a warning label on a product is not required if the amount of the identified hazardous … Continue Reading

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gym searching

Gym Searching

I once had it all in one place. I’m talking about a gym you can call home. I used to train at Gold’s Gym in the bay area, where serious bodybuilders trained. I never knew at the time why it was “the place” to train, until now. Can you tell me where I can find … Continue Reading

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weight training

Gaining Weight

My biggest problem with my current gym is that they don’t have weights heavy enough for me to use.  Without heavy weight, your muscle growth is limited. I need bigger weights to build up my maximum muscles so I have been trying to think of ways to get creative with what’s available to me. One … Continue Reading

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Great Gym Culture

New Year, New You

This year you should start your way to fitness with choosing the right gym. If you are working out at home just doing push ups and pull ups, it’s time to step it up. I have trained at many gyms and I know how to pick out the good and the bad. I will list … Continue Reading

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When to Call it Quits for Cardio

Do you ever feel like a zombie running on the endless treadmill but on top of that you are not losing weight? Then you guys need to listen up. If you have been doing the same type of cardio for the same amount of intensity and time, then it’s time to change it up. Your … Continue Reading

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