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Be a Part of PeterFever History

Do you want to be a part of Peter Fever history? We are looking for script ideas for The Asiancy Season 7.  No matter how crazy your idea is leave us a comment. What is your deepest fantasy?  What turns you on? We want to know what gets you excited.  From past seasons script ideas … Continue Reading

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PeterFever Survey

I would like to know what you love and would like changed on so I can continue to make the site the best in the world. Please take a few minutes to give me some feedback and more importantly write your personal thoughts and ideas so I can incorporate them in future updates.

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Hard or Sensual?

After filming all of these guys for three days and 9 episodes for Season 2 of The Asiancy, you would think that the hardcore fucking and sucking is what turns these guys on the most. But after talking to all of them, it was the sensual kissing that really turned them on. That’s why I … Continue Reading

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What Turns You On – Fan Poll

When I was filming The Asiancy Season 2, I realized that the models get hard in different ways. For example, one model loves to fuck hard to get and stay hard. While filming, I needed him to fuck slowly so I could film the ass opening and closing as he fucked it. When you fuck … Continue Reading

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tucked in

Tucked In?

As always, when I’m changing in the gym’s men locker room, I usually catch someone watching me. It doesn’t really bother me, unless they start to stare. However this time, someone in the locker room caught my attention. I noticed a tall and muscular guy dressing up for work, he was wearing a long button … Continue Reading

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Is a Blowjob Considered Cheating?

As you know, “The Asiancy” debuts on Wednesday. I have a couple questions for you that you’ll understand after watching the episode. I’m curious to hear about what you think is considered cheating.  

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Survey – Naughty Places for a Quick Fix

After yesterday’s post, about me sneaking into the bathroom to finger myself after seeing that hot guy with the huge cock at dinner, I started thinking about where other people might go when they really want to get a quick fix. I love the excitement of being spontaneous and doing something naughty, knowing there are … Continue Reading

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