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Tucked In?

As always, when I’m changing in the gym’s men locker room, I usually catch someone watching me. It doesn’t really bother me, unless they start to stare. However this time, someone in the locker room caught my attention. I noticed a tall and muscular guy dressing up for work, he was wearing a long button … Continue Reading

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Is a Blowjob Considered Cheating?

As you know, “The Asiancy” debuts on Wednesday. I have a couple questions for you that you’ll understand after watching the episode. I’m curious to hear about what you think is considered cheating.  

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Survey – Naughty Places for a Quick Fix

After yesterday’s post, about me sneaking into the bathroom to finger myself after seeing that hot guy with the huge cock at dinner, I started thinking about where other people might go when they really want to get a quick fix. I love the excitement of being spontaneous and doing something naughty, knowing there are … Continue Reading

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The Most Popular Taboo, Anal Sex – Survey

It’s been almost 1 year since I did the Anal Sex Survey and I thought I would get an update from all of you. So after a very interesting conversation over dinner with some friends and then doing a little research on the internet, I decided to do a poll about Anal Sex and I … Continue Reading

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Sony Bloggie Duo vs Canon Powershot S95

So I went out and bought a Sony Bloggie Duo and I’m doing a comparison between that and my Canon Powershot S95. The Canon doesn’t have the screen where I can see myself while I’m recording, but the quality is better. What do you guys think, should I keep the Sony or take it back?

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Sex After Circumcision – Jake Moore Interview

The question is, is sex better before or after circumcision? newest model Jake Moore (21 years old) got circumcised later in life and says that sex after circumcision is less stimulating and therefore lasts longer than before he was cut. Join Now To See All Models

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Jockstraps or Briefs?

I have no idea if there are any benefits of wearing jockstrap over wearing briefs, but I do feel that wearing a jockstrap is sexy. My buddies and I in college would wear jock straps to hold our cups during sports, but never wore them every day. Thanks to Timoteo ( I have enough jockstraps … Continue Reading

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