September 15, 2014

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coming out - inexperienced

Novella Series S3E7 “Coming Out – Inexperienced”

I think it is sexy getting into character and doing a little role play. It definitely spices up any relationship. After hearing that Coda had sex with Jessie to get some experience for his ultimate hookup with Lucas, it gave me an idea. I was lounging poolside with my handsome lover Matt and started feeling … Continue Reading

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black or white

White or Black?

When it comes to bike helmets, they all reduce serious head injuries. In California, it’s the law to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. However, I’m in a bind with these two helmets, one’s white with cool pull down sunglasses and one’s black without the shades, but matches my scooter. I purchased both in … Continue Reading

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LiveCams – SexJump6

SexJump6 is new to the LiveCam scene but he was no beginner when I chatted with him. He is a natural at showing off his physique and talents. Definite crowd pleaser.  I could tell he would be a bad boy just by the hot scruff he was sporting. Show him some love and chat with … Continue Reading

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Espresso Love – Welcome Home

I woke up and he was not in bed anymore. I had to most amazing night with Santiago. I don’t know too much about him, but we definitely had a strong connection last night. Things are moving fast and I never expected to be moving in with him. I was in for the ride; what’s … Continue Reading

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Get Your Free Peter Le Posters!

Have you ever fantasized having me in your room? Now you can have me to yourself, in your room or wherever you want. Andrew Christian is giving away posters of me for free on their website, this does not include shipping. So get yours today! Kiss me, feel me, or bring it to an event for … Continue Reading

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Beating LA Traffic

If you’ve never been to LA let me tell you there’s so much traffic here it takes so long to get from one place to another. I started off riding a hybrid bike to get around town, but it was too much of a workout just to get to the gym let alone around town. … Continue Reading

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Model Spotlight: Santiago Figueroa

Have you seen the first episode of Espresso Love? It stars Santiago Figueroa our new Latin bad boy. A little about Santiago he loves to travel and gamble. One day he hopes to construct his own empire. He loves to top but loves getting fucked just as much. His best asset? His humongous cock.   … Continue Reading

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