June 22, 2016

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It’s Time to Pump You Up!

I’ve been really motivated at the gym lately and it feels great because I can see my attitude rubbing off on my personal training clients too. A couple of my clients have gone from flabby to ripped, that they’re going to be joining me in some upcoming power lifting competitions. I find training to be … Continue Reading

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Celebrating Pride Month!

June is Pride month and I know a there are a lot of celebrations going on. All month long the whole country is celebrating the freedom to love whomever they want. Just in California, Sacramento already had their pride celebration and this weekend will be LA’s and San Francisco the week after. Every year I … Continue Reading

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Feeling the Bern

It must have been my lucky day. I got to shake Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders hand and take a selfie. How did it happen? He was visiting Downtown Los Angeles at the farmers market, which is on the way to my gym. I was pretty pumped when I saw him and got excited when … Continue Reading

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Ice Recovery

Ice to Speed Recovery

If you have been lifting for over two years then you will know that having an ice pack is your best friend. There is no way that a lifter has never had an injury during their training. No matter how careful you are with your form and choosing your proper weight, an injury always creeps … Continue Reading

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I just came back from Italy and this would be my second time in Europe. When I go on vacation, I love to do some sightseeing and adventure off to local towns to experience European lifestyle. I traveled to Rome, Milan, and Venice all within 10 days. Each of the cities had their own specialty, … Continue Reading

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Captain America: Civil War

I don’t go to the movies very often but sometimes I hear a lot about a movie because of the hype around that I feel like I should check it out. Captain America: Civil War recently came out and there’s been so much discussion about this movie. It’s being compared to Batman vs. Superman and even the … Continue Reading

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Travel Itch

Traveling Itch

A lot of my friends have been going on some pretty amazing trips around the world lately and I’m starting to get some travel envy. I’m trying to pick somewhere sexy to spend time getting some much needed R&R but I can’t choose. I love spending my time meeting PeterFever fans in Thailand, China and … Continue Reading

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