September 24, 2016

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Powerlifting Right to Bear Iron

Last weekend I competed in powerlifting, I won 1st place and won Best Male Lifter. Many people at the gym I told about my 1st place, asked if I won any money. I would smile and say no. Competing in powerlifting is about competing against yourself. It’s one of the reasons why I love wrestling and … Continue Reading

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Making Weight

So I’m 4 pounds over my power lifting weight class. I need to be 183 pounds by Saturday morning. Some people might think it’s a lot of weight to lose, but it’s really not. There are a few ways to lose 5- 8 pounds in a week. You can either cut your carbs, do water … Continue Reading

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stranger things

Netflix and Chill

I’ve been working like crazy and barely have time to watch Netflix and chill. I started watching Stranger Things because my friends were nagging me to catch up with them. So far I love the show, I’ve finished 6 episodes over the weekend and have 2 episodes left. I’ve been so busy with work that … Continue Reading

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Summer is Gone!

Summer was nice while it lasted. I enjoyed riding my motorcycle in warm early morning and cruising around town during sunset around 6 PM. Now, that summer is gone, It’s time to wear more layers of clothes when I ride now. I usually check the weather before I ride in the morning and it’s usually … Continue Reading

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August Social Media Round Up

Our models love to be on social media. It gives them to interact with their fans. The models show an inside look on their daily lives and take time to answer questions and of course post sexy revealing photos. Here are some of our new models as well as some of your favorites. Check out … Continue Reading

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Book Project Portrait Collection

Check Out West Phillips’ Photography Book

West Phillips, a friend of mine who has photographed me before, has a new project he is working on. It’s a photography book that is going to be featuring Asian male models.  Here’s a little bit about his project: This book will be a sort of ‘best of’ to show what I’ve amassed so far and how … Continue Reading

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I Downloaded Pokemon Go

So I downloaded Pokemon Go to see what everyone is talking about and why it’s a big deal. My impression so far on this game is very positive.  I see how it gets people in shape and helps promote social gatherings. It’s funny and amazing to see everyone pull out their phones in a lure area catching … Continue Reading

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