August 21, 2014

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Peter Le and Eric East at Summer Splash Party

Eric East and I are taking China by storm! After all the partying at Club Papa and Club Funky, we didn’t stop there, we got down to our speedos and attended the Summer Splash Party. We took pictures with fans and relaxed poolside. This trip has been unforgettable and spending quality time together with Eric … Continue Reading

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Club Funky

PeterFever Takes Over Club Funky

It’s been non-stop partying ever since we got to China. PeterFever took over Club Funky over the weekend and it was an incredibly crazy night. Eric and I, dressed up and fallen angels so we were ready to be bad. We got down and dirty on the dance floors. I also got a picture from … Continue Reading

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night 2 Club Papa

Club Papa Party in China Night 2

Another crazy wild night at Club Papa. I had the most amazing time hanging out backstage with Eric East, Jessie Colter, and the rest of the go-go dancers.  We got to dress up in different costumes and we were your personal entertainers, dancing in cages and on stage. If you couldn’t come to Club Papa … Continue Reading

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China Party

Club Papa’s Biggest Event in China

This was seriously a party you didn’t want to miss. Just take a look at the stage and all the money they have spent to give the party goers the best nightlife experience ever. I don’t know exactly how much they spent, but everyone I talked to said it was easily a a quarter of … Continue Reading

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Office Workload

Peter Le in “Office Workload”

I was working late in the office. There was so much work to get done and it wasn’t going to go away by itself. I got back from dinner and I had enough, I needed to relax. I had to get all of this pent up frustration out and clear my mind if I was … Continue Reading

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The Biggest Party in China

I’m on my way to China for the biggest party! If you didn’t already know, Club Papa is throwing a huge 1 year anniversary party in Guangzhou, China. Not only will I be there, but Jessie Colter and Eric East will be there along with 2 of the most well know DJ’s, Tony Moran and … Continue Reading

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brookfield zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Over the weekend, I took a trip to visit friends in Chicago to catch up and soak up some warm weather. After a heavy day of playing League of Legends and watching Orange is the New Black marathon, we went to check out some wild animals at the zoo. It’s was actually my first time … Continue Reading

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