May 19, 2016

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I just came back from Italy and this would be my second time in Europe. When I go on vacation, I love to do some sightseeing and adventure off to local towns to experience European lifestyle. I traveled to Rome, Milan, and Venice all within 10 days. Each of the cities had their own specialty, … Continue Reading

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Captain America: Civil War

I don’t go to the movies very often but sometimes I hear a lot about a movie because of the hype around that I feel like I should check it out. Captain America: Civil War recently came out and there’s been so much discussion about this movie. It’s being compared to Batman vs. Superman and even the … Continue Reading

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Travel Itch

Traveling Itch

A lot of my friends have been going on some pretty amazing trips around the world lately and I’m starting to get some travel envy. I’m trying to pick somewhere sexy to spend time getting some much needed R&R but I can’t choose. I love spending my time meeting PeterFever fans in Thailand, China and … Continue Reading

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Foam Roller

With all the intense lifting in the gym, I’m bound to have muscle tightness and knots. It sucks because it decreases my performance. I really don’t have time to get injured or have my muscles move improperly. I recently purchased a form roller to loosen my chest, they get extremely tight and knotted up after … Continue Reading

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The Underdog

So I’m currently in 7th place in the USAPL ranking for bench press for the Open Raw 83K class this year. I barely started competing this year and I’m loving it. Overall I’m ranked in the high 20’s for all my lifts, but my strongest exercise is the bench press. I guess all the bench … Continue Reading

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See Peter on Rupaul’s Drag Race!

On this Monday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you will be pleased to see me on TV. In this episode, the queens are challenged in a game where they have to guess if the pit crew and the Andrew Christian models are a top or bottom in the Bunk game. If you guys are curious … Continue Reading

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How to Increase Your Squats

I see so many people at the gym trying the newest fad on different leg exercises to increase your squat max. Yes, I have seen it all. The weirdest one I have seen, was a person trying a back squat on a bosu ball. That is just a accident waiting to happen, I just hope … Continue Reading

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