May 27, 2015

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Club Funky

Peter Le at Club Funky June 20 & 21

I’ll be making my anticipated return to Club Funky in Beijing, China on June 20 and 21. Club Funky just remodeled their club to expand the dance floor so we’re celebrating in a big way! Come meet me and the rest of the hot go-go boys. We’re going to dance through every new square foot … Continue Reading

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Peter Le in Andrew Christian’s “Troop 69″

The Andrew Christian boys and I take a trip out in the woods to train to be boy scouts. We learn everything from how to pitch a tent but we deserve a little bit of fun so we tie up our troop leader and let loose. Mother nature has never had to deal with this … Continue Reading

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gym searching

Gym Searching

I once had it all in one place. I’m talking about a gym you can call home. I used to train at Gold’s Gym in the bay area, where serious bodybuilders trained. I never knew at the time why it was “the place” to train, until now. Can you tell me where I can find … Continue Reading

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bubble porn 2

Peter Le in Bubble Porn 3

Andrew Christian is back with another fun challenge, Bubble Porn 3! What’s going on in these scenes? I bet you can’t guess them but I want to see what creative things you think are happening. Let’s play! Can You Guess? See What Happens Below!

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Instagram update

Instagram Model Update May 2015

Have an Instagram account? Follow me (@wwwPeterFevercom) and your favorite PeterFever models to get a peek into our lives and to see some of our sexiest photos. Here are what some of your favorite guys have been up to.  PeterFever – @wwwPeterFevercom The cast of The Asiancy S9 recently hit up Share Nightclub in Las … Continue Reading

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Novella Series S4 “Behind the Scenes Part 2″ (Photos)

In this last look at Novella S4, Jessie Colter gets Robin comfortable as they warm up during an intimate scene together. Dominic and Leo have a good laugh trying to remember their lines and fooling around as they lube up.  Get an up close look at the cast when they strip them down to their … Continue Reading

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Peter Le in Andrew Christians “Bubble Porn 2″

Let’s see if you can take this challenge from Andrew Christian. Can you guess what’s happening in these 3 scenes featuring the Andrew Christian boys? I want to know what you think we’re doing leave me a comment! Are we being naughty or are we being nice? Take a look at the video and find out.  See … Continue Reading

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