August 2, 2015

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Peter Le in Andrew Christian’s “The Coronation”

It’s a very important day today for the BLOW! Boys, they are preparing a sacred ritual. It’s coronation day and we are going to be worshiping our new King with oil, dancing, and pleasure. As we start our ritual we sensual grace our king with our bodies and as night falls the magic happens and … Continue Reading

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PeterFever Model Search

Be In Our Next Production!

We are casting models for our next production. I am looking for a wide variety of guys with the it factor, confidence, and charisma to bring our sexual stories to life. Who would you like to see be a part of the next cast? Leave me some names in the comment section. Whether you are … Continue Reading

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Ditch the Cardio

If you can’t keep yourself distracted enough to do cardio, then this is for you. Like most people, we only do cardio for the purpose to lose fat and not for the enjoyment. Cardio is an aerobic exercise, where your heart rate is about 65 to 80 percent of your max rate heart. At this … Continue Reading

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superman - header


If I could have super powers, I would want the powers of Superman. Growing up he was my all time favorite superhero. Everything about him was so cool. He could fly, see through walls, is faster than a speeding bullet, and of course his super strength. With all the superhero movies coming out, I can’t … Continue Reading

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My Favorite Recent Anime

My followers all know that, as sexy as I am, I am also a huge nerd. Like most nerds, I love anime and I thought you guys might enjoy knowing my 3 favorite anime shows that I watched recently. 1. Parasyte This show is based off of a Japanese comic series, (manga), from the 80s … Continue Reading

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Look Good for Summer

Summer is in full swing and there are just a few weeks left to enjoy it, whether it’s out camping, pool parties, or at the beach. There’s one thing in common in these outdoors events and that’s being shirtless. With all the hard hours of training in the gym, the season has come to show … Continue Reading

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Let the games begin

Peter Le in Andrew Christian’s “Let the Games Begin”

We had a group of new models joining us at Andrew Christian and we put them to the test with a little game of Black versus Blue. We stripped down to our Andrew Christians and challenged them to some sweaty ball busting competitions. Rupaul’s Drag Race’s very own Pandora Boxx was there to cheer both teams on! I was … Continue Reading

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