Let's Get It In!

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Shit, Gabe Dalessandro walks up to the bed, his cock has all my attention. Happily choking, this is going to be a full-on fucking, I can tell. On my knees, Gabe has me bend and spread; his face buries deep. Showing a bit of my kink, I start licking Gabe's feet; he returns the sensation. Once Gabe is gloved, I slide down, slowly.

Gabe is as thick and big as I felt in my throat; it takes a bit, but I am never one to give up on taking a cock. Positioning me into various ways, Gabe uses his meat to my full advantage; he's so rhythmic. With a, "take that dick," he pulls out to unload and make a splash. The release is a tasty end to our pairing. Alex Chu is the sexy bottom in this PeterFever.com video.