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Feeling Sick (Photo Gallery)

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Feeling Sick

I was resting in bed and had a nasty fever, when I was woken up by a handsome face, Rod. He got in bed with me and I loved lying on his soft chest. I suddenly became energized, ready to take on the world. He insisted that I stay in bed but I had other plans. I wanted to show him that I had the strength to do anything, even fuck him.

Watch Rod Peterson cure Sean Duran’s cold in The Asiancy S9E11 “Feeling Sick”.

Going for a Swim (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery for "Going for a Swim"
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Going for a Swim

I saw Coda sulking next to the pool and decided to figure out what was wrong. I knew what could do the trick; I started with a nice sensual shoulder rub and he let out a gratifying moan. His breathe got heavy and I knew he was begging for more. I slipped off his swimsuit and his ass bounced on my cock. I fucked him so hard that I left him with a glowing satisfied grin and a gaping hole.

Watch Owen Michaels make Coda feel better in The Asiancy S9E10 “Going for a Swim”.

Workout Regime (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery for "Workout Regime".