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Hungover Episode 1 (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for Hungover Episode 1
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Hungover Episode 1

This "wolf pack" makes a splash as they party for AsianBoyNation. At the resort the next day, each guy awakens wondering what or who "went down" last night; and no, Caesar did not live here. Rave Hardick gives a, "oh shit," as it all "cums" back to him; apparently they were working in teams and Rave was Coda Filthy's "spotter." It started in the deep-end of the pool, about a foot deep, when the Lifeguard, Tristan Mathews runs the boys off, "take it inside boys;" Tristan must know Rave well.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Coda drops to his knees and chokes on the stun gun; "don't be afraid to ride the lightning." After rimming the bottom's hole, Rave has Coda, "jump on it." Throbbing on the knob, the bottom works his hole, with little room to spare as Rave brought his big gun. Changing positions a few times, the top takes care of Coda's "inseam;" the tight camera angles gets all that "jungle cat." Filming from below, it's not long before Rave blows and it shows; Coda follows with some "stringy" goodness of his own; Mike Tyson couldn't have done it better, with or without the tiger.

Baysian Love Episode 3 (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for Baysian Love Episode 3
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Baysian Love Episode 3


Getting back from his trip, Dax checks his email and finds that Coda's "been busy." In for a bit of a spanking, the bad boy bends over. Dax wants the "punishment" to fit tightly in Coda's hole and has the boy suck him until hard. Swallowing Dax orally is impossible, the guy's just so big; looks like the bad boy's going to have to find another "opening" to appease his partner. Dax turns his attention to his favorite part of Coda, his hole. Face fucking the boy before he fucks him, Dax references "the cock" that the twink had while Dax was away.

Presenting his "dirty little hole," Dax takes the boy and bends him over the couch. Hitting it hard, "the slut" gets all of Dax as a reminder of who really owns his ass. In a missionary position, Coda jerks himself while satisfying the top. From behind both guys, we can enjoy the reprimand as balls hit taint and a "Filthy" hole is pounded. There's just something very fitting as to the way the "hung" socks keep wagging right by Dax's large cock; I'm sure they are a reminder of just how big Dax is. Close, the bad boy blows first, and boy does he blow. Shooting all over the front of himself, pools of culpability help teach Coda a lesson. Dax then jerks to "mark his territory" as he leaves Coda with a face full of his cum.

Baysian Love Episode 2 (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery for Baysian Love Episode 2