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Yellow Fever (Photos)

The hot photo gallery from "Yellow Fever".
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Yellow Fever

I was thrilled to hear that we had a new model coming to stay with us. I wanted to get to him before the rest of the guys could so I went to go prepare his room. As he walked in, I could see his chest and arms bulging out of his shirt and I salivated thinking about how thick his cock must be. I wanted to leave to give him a chance to settle in, but luckily he was ready for action and wouldn’t let me go before he got his hands on my firm round ass.

Watch Eli Lewis welcome new model Owen Michaels in The Asiancy S9E3 “Yellow Fever”.

The New Couple (Photos)

The New Couple (Photo Gallery)
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The New Couple

I love my boyfriend Austin so much and for our three year anniversary I thought it was time to spice up our relationship. I brought us to The Asiancy to flirt and fuck with some gorgeous guys. I could sense a little jealousy burning behind Austin’s eyes when I made him a bet that I could fuck the hottest Asiancy guy here. I got really turned me on and reminded him that my firm ass was his at the end of the day.

Watch new models Austin Keyes take control of Michael Cumming’s ass in The Asiancy S9E2 “The New Couple”.

Long Distance Lovers (Photos)

This is the photo gallery for "Long Distance Lovers"