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Loyalty Program

Isaac is fucking gorgeous and when I found out he was checking out, I had a brilliant idea. I told him about our latest promotion, the more you stay, the more points you earn. He wasn’t buying it. So I threw in a long hard fuck if he signed-up for the loyalty program now!

Watch Aiden Wood slip into Isaac Lin in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 11 “Loyalty Program”.

Disciplinary Action (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Disciplinary Action".
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Disciplinary Action

Jessie had the audacity to show up late and leave early during his shift. I needed him to straighten up his act but nothing I said made an impression on him. To make him understand the seriousness of the matter, I disciplined him the hard way. I gave mister hot shot a good old fashion spanking.

Watch David Plaza give Jessie Lee a hard slap on the ass in Novella Series Season 6 Episode 10,” Disciplinary Action”.

Working Overtime (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Working Overtime".
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Working Overtime

I was stuck at work cleaning up a mess left by a drunken asshole. Dominic came in waiting for his hook up. After a rough night like this, I wish I could have had someone to fuck too. When I finished up, I was surprised he was still here. It’s a shame that some guy would stand up a stud like Dominic. It wasn’t until I asked him where his hook up was that I realized he was waiting for me.

Watch Dominic Steel surprise Steven Walker with an after-hours fuck in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 9 “Working Overtime”.