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Christmas - Santa's Lap

It’s Christmas and Rey has an annual tradition of going to sit on Santa’s lap. Santa is a lucky man if he gets to have Rey’s squeezable ass sitting on his lap. I wanted a piece of that, so this year I was Santa and Rey sat those ass cheeks right on my cock. Sitting on my lap, I could feel the tension building in his jeans, so I flipped over and rode his nice stiff rod.

Seamus O’Reilly helps fulfill Rey Luis’ Christmas tradition in the Novella Series S5E9 “Christmas – Santa’s Lap”.

Best Asset - Cock (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Best Asset - Cock"
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Best Asset - Cock

Santiago emerged from his room sporting the biggest rock hard bulge in his tight shorts. I thought he was in there sleeping all day but he was secretly hiding and watching PeterFever videos. I could see why he was so stiff; those videos get me fucking horny every time. He unleashed his monster cock and I did not hesitate to take him back to my room to help him release his pent up load.

Austin Keyes worships Santiago Figueroa’s long thick cock in Novella Series Season 5 Episode 8 “Best Asset – Cock”.

Best Asset - Ass (Photo Gallery)

Best Assest - Ass (Photo Gallery)
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Best Asset - Ass

Dominic was supposed to be picking up dinner, instead he went clothes shopping. He pulled out a pair of jeans that he wanted to show me. As he slipped off his shorts, I checked out his dream bubble butt. Then he put his new jeans on which he filled out perfectly. Of course I wasn’t hunger for dinner anymore, all I could think about was eating out his beautiful ass.

Watch Shawn Andrews admire Dominic Pacifico’s ass in and out of his new pair of jeans in Novella Series Season 5 Episode 7 “Best Asset – Ass”.