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Getting Personal with Peter (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery for "Getting Personal with Peter"
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Getting Personal with Peter

I was alone in my hotel room but earlier that day I met Angelo. Everywhere I went, it felt like he followed me. I could feel his eyes watching me as I rinsed myself off in the shower. His eyes trailed down my body as the water cascaded towards my cock. I jumped on my bed and modeled every inch of rippling muscle for him. I gave him a close up view of my ass so he could examine my hole. Thinking of him in the room watching me, I was ready to burst. Watch Angelo invade my personal space in my new racy video “Getting Personal with Peter”.

Novella Season 5 Behind-the-Scenes Part 1 (Photos)

Photo Gallery for "Novella Season 5 Behind-the-Scenes Part 1"
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Novella Season 5 Behind-the-Scenes Part 1

Our PeterFever guys are a wild and playful bunch. In these outtakes we take a closer look at what it’s like to be a model during our production shoots. Santiago teaches us a thing or two about Snapchat. Do you follow him? The new guys are at the center of photoshoots where all eyes are on them as we capture them in all of their hung glory. Austin prepares for a fun night out and gets some help from our crew with his outfit.

Watch our guys live the fabulous lives of porn stars in The Novella Series Season 5 “Behind the Scenes Part 1”.

Weekend Rider (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Weekend Rider"