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Best Buds - Outfit of the Day

I had a reception to go to and needed something nice and new to wear. I asked my roommate Dirk if he had anything. He modeled for me so I can see how it looked. Watching him strip turned me on. I could see his bulge peeking through his tight jeans. I thought I’d help him relieve some of that tension. Watch Dirk show off to Leo in the Novella Series S4E11 “Best Buds – Outfit of the Day”.

Best Buds - Morning Ritual (Photos)

Gallery for the Novella Series S4E10 “Best Buds – Morning Ritual”.
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Best Buds - Morning Ritual

I love waking up to the sight of my roommate Jessie Colter. He’s one of the sexiest guys I know with a chiseled body. Every morning I have a morning routine called the “4 S’s” which are shit, shower, shave, and stroke. I usually jack off thinking about Jessie’s huge cock pounding my tight ass but Jessie Colter thought there should be another “S” instead, for “sex”. He pulled me in close, pull down my pants, and my ass got pounded.

Jessie Colter adds sex to Blake’s morning in the Novella Series S4E10 “Best Buds – Morning Ritual”.
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The Asiancy - Season 8 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

As we wrap up season 8 of The Asiancy, we take one last look back at the production. Jessie shows us how much he loves to top, our guys fumble over their lines, and Armond shows off his hidden talents treating us to a home cooked meal. One of our new models this season, Rico Romeo, talks about his experiences in an exclusive interview.

See our guys in action with this exclusive look from The Asiancy S8 “Behind-the-Scenes Part 2”.
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Best Buds - Home on the Range

I remember growing up on this ranch with Dominic Pacific. Our parents would set us up on play dates and eventually we went on real dates and I developed undeniable feelings for this rugged, handsome man. I knew the day would come when he wanted to leave to go live in the city. I had one last moment to share with him and I let him know how much I would miss him. I wanted him to fuck me one last time.

Watch Dominic Pacifico spend his last day on the ranch with Tyson Pierce on the Novella Series S4E9 “Best Buds – Home on the Range”.