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The Bookkeeper (Photo Gallery)

This is the hot photo gallery of Peter Le in "The Bookkeeper".
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The Bookkeeper

I got call from a customer to reserve the book The Jack Wrangler Story. I had never seen this book before but my curiosity got the best of me and I took a look inside. I was caught by surprise. There were intimate and revealing photos of Jack, a handsome 70’s gay porn icon. As I turned the pages I could feel my blood rushing to my cock. I wish I could go back in time to fuck his smooth ass. I had some time before the customer was coming. I brought Jack to life and gave it to him how he would like it, raw and rough!

Watch me strangle my cock to Jack Wrangler in “The Bookkeeper”.

Newfound Independence (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery for "Newfound Independence".
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Newfound Independence

After all this time waiting for Diego to come back, I realized I had wasted my time. Obviously things had changed. It was time to move on and the first step is to celebrate my independence. I no longer have to hold back, feel guilt, or worry. I am free to fuck whomever I want and Jessie is my first target. I can always count on him for a hard pounding.

Celebrate with Jessie Lee & Coda in the season finale, The Asiancy S9E16 “Newfound Independence”.

Spying on the Neighbors (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for Spying on the Neighbors