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Halloween - Spellbound

There was a weird book on table, a mysterious spell book. I do not believe in this hocus pocus, but after reading a spell Andy started acting really weird. He fell in love with me and was now under my control. He did whatever I commanded and I wanted him to fuck me.

Watch CodaFILTHY put Andy Banks under his spell in this week’s episode of The Asiancy S8E4 “Halloween – Spellbound”.
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Andrew Christian - Loosen Up

Trelino kept going on and on about how nervous he was about this being his first time in a fashion show. I could not see why though, his ass looked so fuckable in those tight pair of Andrew Christian underwear. I could not take my eyes off his bubble butt. All he needed to do was relax and loosen up. My cock could help with that.

Watch me prepare Trelino’s ass for his first runway walk in this week’s episode of Novella Series S3E13 “Andrew Christian – Loosen Up”.
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Halloween - Full Moon

I was about to have romantic night with Armond tonight for Halloween when he told me there would be a full moon. He didn’t know my dark secret. A long time ago, I was attacked by a werewolf; ever since then I would become a horny beast during a full moon. I didn’t know how to tell him until he showed off his full moon. It drove me crazy and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I had to fuck him.

Watch Jessie Lee unleash the beast on Armond Rizzo in this week’s episode of The Asiancy S8E3 “Halloween – Full Moon”.
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The Lost Boys - Delirious

I felt like I was wandering an endless jungle. I made it to this house in the middle of nowhere and this Asian hunk opens the door. At first, I thought it was a mirage. I didn’t know if the heat was getting to me or what, but he was hot! He could tell I was thirsty and offered me a glass of water and a massage. I couldn’t turn down such a welcoming offer.

Watch Jessie Lee loosen Trelino up in the Novella Series S3E12 “The Lost Boys – Delirious”.
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Halloween - Trick or Treat

A strange guy knocked on my door, I totally forgot that it was Halloween. He looked a little too old to be trick or treating and I didn’t have any candy for him. But then I remembered I had a big lollipop for him to suck on.

Watch Rick Maverick get some treats from Santiago Figueroa in this week’s episode of The Asiancy S8E2 “Halloween – Trick or Treat”.