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Strip Poker - Texas Hold-Him

The guys were all hanging out together so I decided to make this day a little interesting. With all these hot guys in the room I had to see them naked and there was no better way than strip poker. Except my version of strip poker has a bit of a sexy add-on. The first person to lose strips then the second person to lose gets stripped, and finally they fuck.

Everyone was excited and anxious for the first round, but who was going to lose the round and their clothes? The cards were dealt and Coda was the first to lose it all. All eyes were on his sexy, slim and fit frame and his nice cock. Things were heating up fast, who would lose round two? It was bad boy Jaxon. All that was left was to watch these two studs fuck.

Join the fun in this week’s episode of the Novella Series, “Strip Poker – Texas Hold-Him” featuring CodaFILTHY and Jaxon.
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The Asiancy - Season 6 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

In these three exclusive interviews, get to know more about The Asiancy, Season 6 models: Frank, Shawn, and Eli. Frank loves to show off his body and find out how he keeps it that way. Frank also has a nice package for his fans; see how low this guy likes to squats. Shawn, opens up about his first porn shoot experience and tells a surprising detail about his last partner. Eli finds tells us which scene was the hottest to be in this season.

Get to know more about these sexy studs and enjoy, “The Asiancy S6 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2”.
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St. Patrick's Day - My Little Leprechaun

I’m restless, awake, and needed attention. I’m lying next to Bobby; he’s sound asleep and I’m trying so hard to wake him up. Finally, after hearing me constantly stretch and moan, he woke up and we can finally get this St. Patrick’s Day started. I love a little role play in the bedroom and today is a special day, I’m going to be the Leprechaun and he had to catch me for the pot of gold I was hiding deep in my ass. Watch Bobby Hart enjoy his St. Patrick’s Day searching for gold in Robin’s ass in this week’s episode of “St. Patrick’s Day – My Little Leprechaun.”
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Scenic View

I left my hotel to explore the Grand Canyon and found myself staring into the center of its gaping chasm. I have never seen such a wide and deep hole. I ventured through more of the area and found a cabin unlocked. I wondered who it belonged too. I peeked inside and saw that no one was there and I made myself comfortable.

I stripped naked and fooled around on a stranger’s bed. The risk of getting caught drove my senses wild.

I left this video as a treat for the lucky guest. Hopefully he will be inspired by the sight of my ass and my canyon’s big gaping hole. Take the long way around and enjoy the “Scenic View”.
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St. Patrick's Day - Dragon Tattoo

So it was St. Patrick’s Day and Jaxon walked in and started telling me how he is Irish and how his dragon tattoo had some special meaning. I knew he was making up a story, but that tattoo was really hot on him. I wanted to kiss every inch of it him and play along with his story, and hopefully get his real Dragon to come out and play with me.

Watch Drew get fucked by Jaxon’s dragon in this week’s episode of the Novella Series “St. Patrick’s Day – Dragon Tattoo”.