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Espresso Love - Get the Fuck Out

When you’re with the one you love, you just can never find enough ways to show them you care. It’s even more nerve wrecking when you want to ask them to officially go steady. I wanted James to feel special. I laid roses and lit candles around the house to fill it with a romantic atmosphere. Now I had the perfect set up, the perfect guy, all I needed was an answer.

Watch James react to Santiago’s couple proposal in this week’s episode “Espresso Love – Get the Fuck Out.”
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Coming Out - Inexperienced

I think it is sexy getting into character and doing a little role play. It definitely spices up any relationship. After hearing that Coda had sex with Jessie to get some experience for his ultimate hookup with Lucas, it gave me an idea. I was lounging poolside with my handsome lover Matt and started feeling a little inexperienced myself. He caught my drift and definitely taught me a few hard long lessons.

Watch Trelino get some experience from Matt Hart in “Coming Out – Inexperienced”.
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Espresso Love - Welcome Home

I woke up and he was not in bed anymore. I had to most amazing night with Santiago. I don’t know too much about him, but we definitely had a strong connection last night. Things are moving fast and I never expected to be moving in with him. I was in for the ride; what’s more beautiful than waking up next to his beautiful face every morning?

Watch Santiago and James escalate their relationship in “Espresso Love – Welcome Home.”
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Coming Out - No Regrets

Love is a strange thing, sometimes it can be a lot of drama. I heard Coda is struggling with coming out and his friend Lucas had to find out by walking in on him while getting fucked by Jessie. I was just glad that I have my true love Liam. We both came out early in our lives. I didn’t regret it at all. I met my man and there was no drama at all. Having him here, I just wanted to show Liam how much I love him.

Watch Liam Troy and Santiago Figueroa, in Novella S3E6 “Coming Out – No Regrets.”
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Espresso Love - Tall Cup of Romance

Talk about good luck; I was at a small café in downtown Los Angeles. As I sipped my drink I realized that it didn’t taste right. That’s when I noticed this hot guy leaving with the only other drink that was on the counter.

Tall, dark and fucking gorgeous. I found out his name was Santiago, he did have my coffee, and he offered to show me around town since I just moved here and was still looking for a place to rent. He toured me around the city and we ended up back at his house so he could “show me the view”. But that’s not all he was interested in showing me.

Watch the premiere of “Espresso Love - Tall Cup of Romance” starring Santiago Figueroa and James Dickson.