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Checking Out

I tidied up the room, packed away all of my things, and was ready to leave. As Steven inspected my room, I doubted that he would find anything, until he mentioned a stain on the bed. I don’t even know how that stain got there but it was not from me.

Watch Santiago Figueroa put some more stains on the bed with the help of Steven Walker in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 15 “Checking Out”.

Wake Up Call (Photo Gallery)

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Wake Up Call

I was so exhausted working overtime and I had another early shift tomorrow. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Aiden was gracious enough to give me a wake-up call and I told him to wake me up at all costs. The next morning he banged on my door, barged right in, jumped right in bed with me, and started to passionately make out with me. I was instantly awake with a raging hard on.

Watch Aidan Wood gives Dominic Steel a nice firm piece of morning wood in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 14, “Wake Up Call”.

Leave a Review (Photo Gallery)

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Leave a Review

Isaac came to pick up the check after his meal and I wanted him to leave me a good review. His greedy ass wanted to know what was in it for him. Luckily, he was a good-looking guy. I offered him dessert to go with his meal and I wasn’t talking about cake. I leaned in for a kiss to seal the deal and he couldn’t wait to strip off my shirts.

Watch Isaac Lin leave his review all over Jessie Lee in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 13 “Leave a Review”.