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ITB App - Couples Counseling

I was exhausted after a long day at work and all I wanted to do was sleep with my babe Liam. Something had been off lately; Liam was always on his phone and would barley talks to me anymore. When he went to take a shower I took the chance to see what he was really up to. I caught him in the act. I knew things were too good to be true. He had been using the ITB App to hook up with guys.

I called him out on his shit. I had to punish him and show him that if he wanted to get fucked, he only needed to beg one person, me.

Watch Matt Hart reignite his passion with Liam Troy in the Novella Series S3E4 “ITB App – Couples Counseling”.
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City Suite

While visiting Shanghai, Eric East told me he really wanted to try directing a video with me in it. He was a little nervous, but I said it would be fine. As a virgin director, he wanted to make sure everything was perfect, but he was still worried. I told him about a trick of mine, “shoot in the nude”. That way when I’m naked too, he will feel completely comfortable.

I was kidding of course, I just wanted to see him naked while I jacked off. Enjoy, “City Suite” with Peter Le, directed by Eric East.
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ITB App - .69 Miles Away

I heard of this new ITB app that just came out and I am always searching for hot new guys to fuck but I never expected to see Coda on there. I always thought he was straight, all these years I’ve known this guy and he never said a thing. I always wanted to fuck him and now he’s on the app, only .69 miles away. It was my chance so I invited him over and let’s just say, seeing his sexy body naked for the first time was well worth the wait.

Santiago snatches up his chance to fuck Coda in this week’s episode of the Novella Series, “ITB App - .69 Miles Away.”
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The Asiancy - Season 7 Behind-the-Scenes Part 1

It’s been seven seasons of The Asiancy and this has been our most exciting season. We had a gay wedding. Unfortunately, we had to cut one of the actors out of the production, but we’re going to show him in the behind the scenes. Let’s just say he’s a big bear that enjoys riding and getting fisted. The rest of our models also have some fun at the season seven photo shoot being lumberjacks. Our models love playing with wood. Kickback, grab a piece of wood and hang out with our models from The Asiancy S7 “Behind-the-Scenes Part 1”.
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ITB App - Back in the Scene

I was nervous. Wolfie was standing there and I didn’t know what to say. I had just got out of a serious relationship a few months ago when my ex left me broken hearted and then there I was with a random stranger from the ITB App in my room. I don’t know if I can trust him with my feelings. I didn’t think I was ready so I apologized and he understood. He seemed different though. He had a charm to him. He was a nice guy. I decided to just take a chance and move on with Wolfie.

Watch Trelino go on his first hook up with Wolfie Blue since his break up in “ITB App – Back in the Scene”.