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Remember When You Forgot Your Towel

I got out of the shower and realized I was missing one thing, my towel. I went back to my bedroom to find it but Dominic snuck up behind me and I had to cover up my cock with my hands. I could see Dominic’s x-ray eyes beaming through my fingers and staring at my cock. I was slowly getting turned on; my cock grew harder and harder. My hands could no longer contain it; I was going to give it to him, rough and ready.

Watch the season premiere of Novella Season 5 Episode 1 “Remember When…-You Forgot Your Towel” featuring Austin Keyes and Dominic Pacifico.

The Asiancy - Season 9 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2 (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for The Asiancy - Season 9 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2
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The Asiancy - Season 9 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

We all get a little silly during the shoots. We are guys and we like to have fun and in-between takes a lot of crazy things can happen. Eli Lewis shares what the “TSK” tattoo on his shoulder means. Owen shows off his inner dance and impresses us with his twerking. Coda makes a splash doing a cannonball. We finish by taking group photos. The final product looks hot but getting all 9 guys together means you’re asking for some trouble.

Enjoy all the funny outtakes in the final installment in The Asiancy S9, “Behind the Scenes Part 2”.

Labor Worker (Photo Gallery)

The photo gallery for "Labor Worker"
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Labor Worker

I was working up a sweat in the garage from lifting heavy boxes and shredding boxes. I needed to take a break to cool off. My mind immediately filled with thoughts of Nicholas, the client who hired me for my services. His deep voice was accompanied by his devilishly good looks. He had stepped out and left me alone to complete my work. I wanted to leave a little thank you for hiring me and I signed it with my cock.

Watch me be strip down behind garage doors and fantasize in “Labor Worker”.