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Halloween - Trick or Treat

A strange guy knocked on my door, I totally forgot that it was Halloween. He looked a little too old to be trick or treating and I didn’t have any candy for him. But then I remembered I had a big lollipop for him to suck on.

Watch Rick Maverick get some treats from Santiago Figueroa in this week’s episode of The Asiancy S8E2 “Halloween – Trick or Treat”.
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The Lost Boys - Cold Dish

After hours of looking for help, I ended up at this house. I knocked and to my surprise this hot guy, Wolfie opened the door. I needed to call a cab and look for my friends, but it turns out that some of them were already here. Those bastards didn’t even bother to look for me. Well, since the guys were safe, I could focus on the stud standing right in front of me.

Watch Liam Troy takes out his sexual frustration out on Wolfie Blue in this episode of the Novella Series NS3E11 “The Lost Boys – Cold Dish."
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Halloween - Jack the Ripper

My favorite time of the year is Halloween. I love telling scary stories and I told Eli the tale of Jack the Ripper. Jack used to lurk in the shadows where he would prey on unsuspected people, ripping them apart. The scariest part of the story was that Jack has come back to life. His next victim? Eli Lewis.

Watch the season premiere of The Asiancy S8E1 “Halloween – Jack the Ripper” featuring Eli Lewis and Rico Romero.
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The Lost Boys - Wet Me Down

I opened the door and there was the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on. His car broke down and I could tell he needed to cool off. I invited him to the pool and we stripped. I know I took him to the pool to cool off, but seeing his body got me hard. I opened my home to him, now it is time for him to open his ass to me.

Watch Santiago Figueroa and Lucas Knight get wet and intimate in the Novella Series S3E10 “The Lost Boys – Wet Me Down.”
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Espresso Love - Behind-the-Scenes

We spent a lot time writing the script about a couple falling in love, but we never expected Santiago and James to have so much chemistry. The boys had trouble remembering their lines but that didn’t stop them from showing their affection for each other. Take a look behind the scenes as we film around the city of Los Angeles capturing its charm and the candid connection from the boys.

Watch a preview below for “Espresso Love – Behind the Scenes” featuring Santiago Figueroa and James Dickson.