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The New Couple (Photos)

The New Couple (Photo Gallery)
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The New Couple

I love my boyfriend Austin so much and for our three year anniversary I thought it was time to spice up our relationship. I brought us to The Asiancy to flirt and fuck with some gorgeous guys. I could sense a little jealousy burning behind Austin’s eyes when I made him a bet that I could fuck the hottest Asiancy guy here. I got really turned me on and reminded him that my firm ass was his at the end of the day.

Watch new models Austin Keyes take control of Michael Cumming’s ass in The Asiancy S9E2 “The New Couple”.

Long Distance Lovers (Photos)

This is the photo gallery for "Long Distance Lovers"
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Long Distance Lovers

I waited for Diego to come home for an excruciatingly long time. The longer I stared at our wedding photo on my phone the more I missed him. I heard the doorbell ring and there was Rod, a handsome gentleman waiting at my doorstep. It might not have been Diego but his captivating smile brightened up my day and my day got even better when I found out he was here to fuck me. My tight ass was ready to be pounded.

Watch new model Rod Peterson give CodaFILTHY the fuck he’s been waiting for in the premiere of The Asiancy S9E1 “Long Distance Lovers”.

Novella Season 4 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2 (Photos)

This is an expansive photo gallery with 140 photos from behind the scenes! for the Novella Season 4.