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Rise and Shine (Photos)

Gallery for the "Rise and Shine".
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Rise and Shine

Before I left Thailand, I woke up from dreaming about the crazy weekend I just experienced at Songkran. I danced with so many sexy men, but one in particular caught my eye, Jesdaporn. We snuck around the whole weekend when I wasn’t on stage. I shoved my hands down the front of his tight jeans and played with his cock. And he grabbed my ass hard and started spanking me, leaving it red and tender.

Our chemistry was undeniable. Before I left to go back home, I wanted to leave him and Thailand a parting gift, this video.

This is for you Jes, I hope you enjoy my video for you “Rise and Shine”.

4 Stories - Nap Time (Photos)

Gallery for the Novella Series S4E16 “4 Stories – Nap Time”.
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4 Stories - Nap Time

I saw Dominic lying on the couch taking a nap in nothing but his Andrew Christians. It may have been his day off but there were so many chores to do around the house I was not letting him off that easily. I decided that I would wake him up with a nice blowjob which turned into an amazing fuck.

Watch Robin give Dominic Pacifico a good wake-up call in the season finale, Novella Series S4E16 “4 Stories – Nap Time”.

4 Stories - Baby It's Cold Outside (Photos)

Gallery for the Novella Series S4E15 “4 Stories – Baby It’s Cold Outside”.