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Movie Night - Captain Cock

Rick is so fucking hot and when I found out we were paired together for this Movie Night game, I was going to make my role play fantasies come true. He didn’t want to play the game, but I had to show him how exciting a little role play could be. I’ll be Captain Cock and Rick will be Nick Fury. Ready, Set, Action!

Watch Andy Banks team up with Rick Maverick for The Asiancy S8E7 “Movie Night – Captain Cock.”
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Andrew Christian - Slipping Outo f My AC's

My adrenaline was still pumping after the fashion show. Wolfie and I could not keep our minds off the fucking studs on the runway. I had to get these pair of Andrew Christians off and figured Wolfie could help me, but he fucked me instead.

Watch Wolfie Blue and CodaFILTHY sex it up after the fashion show in this week’s episode of the Novella Series S3E16 “Andrew Christian – Slipping Out of My ACs”.
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Movie Night - I am Groot

Rico Romero and I needed to beat the rest of the guys at this game. I was going to be Rocket and he was going to be my Groot. Rico got into character and looked hot when he showed off his abs. He kept saying, “I Am Groot.” I didn’t know what he was trying to say but in my head I heard “I want to fuck you”.

Watch Armond Rizzo and Rico Romero become the Guardians of the Galaxy in this week’s episode of the Asiancy S8E6 “Movie Night – I Am Groot”.
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Andrew Christian - You Stuff?

Liam and I waited backstage for the show to start. I was getting horny seeing all the hot boys in their Andrew Christians. Liam couldn’t stop staring at my bulge; fuck I was getting hard. He couldn’t believe how big I was and insisted I stuffed, but I don’t. My dick is just huge. Well seeing is believing, so I let Liam see it with his own eyes and feel it with his own ass.

Watch Jessie Lee prove his girth to Liam Troy in this week’s episode of the Novella Series “Andrew Christian – You Stuff?”
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Movie Night – Hercules

We got tired of watching movies so all the boys decided to pair up to act out their favorite movie. Coda didn’t know what to act out so I was going to surprise him. He opened his eyes and there I was, in my shorts, showcasing all my muscles. I was Hercules and every god needs a sex slave; Coda better be ready.

Watch Jessie Lee as Olympic God Hercules and CodaFILTHY as his sex slave in this episode of The Asiancy S8E5 “Movie Night – Hercules”.