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Christmas - No Peeking

It was the night before Christmas. I could tell that Coda was anxious to open his presents. I needed to teach this sexy boy a little lesson in being patient, so I hid his presents, but then I caught him peeking at his gifts. If there was one thing Coda loves more than opening presents, it’s my dick.

Watch Rico teach Coda a lesson in patience and how to be a good boy for Christmas in this episode of The Asiancy S8E11 “Christmas – No Peeking”.
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Novella Season 3 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

In this Behind-the-Scenes look our cast and crew reveal some of the craziness that you guys didn’t get to see. Liam gives us some insight after being unable to resist Trelino’s perfect ass. Coda gets the surprise of his life after Lucas showers his face with cum. The production crew goes to war with a fly and get to know the rest of the Novella Season 3 cast as I sit down with Jessie Lee, Wolfie Blue, and Trelino for an exclusive interview.

Watch our crazy antics in this episode of Novella Season 3 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2.
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Christmas - Milk & Cookies

Do you believe in Santa? Eli didn’t, he started making fun of me and told me to grow up. Lucky for him, he’s so cute; but I needed to put him in his place. I knew he was going to eat my milk and cookies that I left out for Santa, so I tricked him and left some condoms and lube instead. Maybe now he’ll believe in Santa because he brought him the best gift ever, my dick.

Watch Eli Lewis get a taste of Jessie Lee’s Christmas spirit in The Asiancy Season 8, Episode 10 “Christmas – Milk and Cookies.”
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This Blows

I love all sorts of guys and sometimes it’s so hard to choose which one I want. I have all these different fantasies involving different guys that turn me on. I get turned on by jocks, smart guys, and skater boys so sometimes I will let my imagination run wild, get into character and blow my load.

Watch me play different sexy guys in my new video “This Blows”. Which personality do you like best?
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Christmas - Singing a Carol

It was getting closer to Christmas and I was happy to spending it with my lover Armond. There is so much that I love about him, that when he told me he used to sing Christmas carols, I thought it would be fucking hot to get serenaded.

His mouth opened and it wasn’t the sweet music I expected, it was literally a disaster. Luckily he’s still got that’s smoking hot body. I could put his talented mouth to better use.

Watch Andy Banks and Armond Rizzo make beautiful music together in bed in The Asiancy S8E9 “Christmas – Christmas Carol”.