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MYOP - Underwater Action

Coda and I finally got to work on our tan but I totally forgot about the porn shoot. Luckily we could just jump into the pool, fuck and I knew it would be hot. I got his nice round ass wet and made him give me a blowjob. It was fun, but I really wanted to just fuck his tight butt; so I pulled him out of the water and fucked him real good.

Watch Santiago Figueroa and CodaFILTHY make a splash in the season finale of The Asiancy S8E16 "MYOP - Underwater Action".
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Lessons in Love - Listen

Tyson and I had a rough beginning, we fought over the same guy, but with time I’ve gotten to know him better. I had to tell him how I really felt; that I loved him, then took him back to my room and made love to him.

Watch Tyson Pierce and Mario Costa express their love in this episode of the Novella Series “Lessons in Love – Listen”.
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MYOP - Nerd Alert

I will never forget the first time I had sex. Growing up I was the nerdy kid who didn’t know much about sex and I never would have thought that someday I would be starring in my own porno. For my porno with Andy I wanted to recreate that moment where we explored our sexuality and our bodies.

Watch Andy Banks and Eli Lewis fuck it was like their very first time in this episode of The Asiancy S8E15 “Make Your Own Porno – Nerd Alert!”
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Tennis Match - Sore Loser

I don’t know how we lost, we were doing so well! It must have been Dominic, he sucks at tennis. Damn I can’t believe I wasted a whole day with this tennis match, I could have gotten fucked. I’ve been so horny. If Dominic could not make himself useful during the tennis match he had to fuck me hard.

Watch Dominic Pacifico give Leo Sweetwood the fuck he really wanted all along, in this episode of the Novella Series “Tennis Match – Sore Loser”.
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MYOP - Pool Trick

Rick and I were preparing to shoot a porno for Peter. Rick pulled out a pool stick and told me to bend over. He was joking about using the pool stick, but he was serious about using his dick. Then he threw me on a table and fucked me so hard; I knew we made the sexiest porno ever.

Watch Rick Maverick score with Armond Rizzo in The Asiancy S8E14 “Make Your Own Porno – Pool Trick”.