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Baysian Love Episode 2

Right where he likes to be, Dax's face is all up in Coda's ass before the bottom hops on for a ride. As Coda maneuvers onto the top's thick cock, both gasp with pleasure. These boyfriends are so into one another; Coda's "fucks" are met with more pounding. Dax's log rams up into the boy's hole. Rolling to their side, Coda moans, "you feel so fucking good;" "awesome ass" replies the top.

Shaking every part of Coda's body, Dax is slamming that boy's ass hard, just the way they like it. Slowing the pace, Dax deepens the thrust; Coda grabs his dick and jerks himself as he is "internally" satisfied. Coda whines, "I'm gonna cum," and shoots up to his neck. Dax then pulls out and spews onto his boyfriend's belly. Spent, the two kiss and wipe up.

Unfortunately, Dax has to go on a business trip and can't take Coda; what is a sexy houseboy to do or is that "who?"

Baysian Love Episode 1 (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery Baysian Love Episode 1
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Baysian Love Episode 1

Real life boyfriends Dax Masters and Coda Filthy chat about "stalking" one another online; you can tell by the banter, their chemistry is palpable and their attraction is intense. First time hooking up, happened at The Steam Room, here in San Francisco. As Dax explains it, "next thing you know, his ass was in my face; best ass ever." As they talk about dating outside their own culture, both agree there are plenty of positives; Dax laughs and says, "Coda's a freak in bed." Coda grins and quips that, Dax's big cock and balls are a real turn on, "a lot bigger than the Asian guys I've been with." Wanting to celebrate their love, in front of us, Asian Boy Nation has provided the lights camera, and these two hotties will definitely provide the action.

The two strip and orally pleasure one another fully. Dax, true to his word, has his face all up in Coda's beautiful hole almost the entire time. At one point, Coda wants to remove his jockstrap, but Dax's head is in the way, so he just pulls his dick out the side of the underwear. Deep throating Dax's large cock and balls, Coda was also on point, that cock is huge. Inhaling all of Coda's scent, Dax finally pulls of the jock strap, and goes back to rimming. During this long love-making fun, the boys change positions often, rolling and grinding on one another. Coming up for air, Dax then says, "I think you need to ride it." Coda gleefully lubes and gloves his partner up, then rides atop; satisfying moans and gasps, from both of them, reinforce their passion. Dax grabs on to Coda's hips and pulls him down further onto his cock; Coda groans, "fuck."

Sex Club 442 (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for Sex Club 442
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Sex Club 442

I never thought I’d see myself at a place like Sex Club 442 but I wanted to explore this hidden side of my curiosity. I was greeted by Drew in his leather gear. I didn’t know what was going to happen so I didn’t say much and stripped down like an obedient submissive and sucked off his cock through the glory hole. Enthralled by the rush, I couldn’t let him have all the fun being dominant so I threw him on the swing and fucked his ass until I came all over his back.

Watch Coda explore his kinky side with Drew Bacchae in Asian Boy Nation’s “Sex Club 442”.