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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


Terms of Service


To complete your purchase, you will be transferred to a secured server for either Epoch, CCBill, LLC or 2000Charge, Inc. (Processors). Processors are independent companies providing credit card and check processing services, and other merchant banking services, to website operators, such as the owner and operator of this Web Site. Processors offer complete SSL encryption technology, which provides greater security for your transaction. Processors provide such credit card and check processing services for many web sites.


Neither Processors, nor any person or company related to Processors, holds any ownership interest in this Web Site, nor receives any financial benefit from this Web Site, other than a fee paid by the owner of this Web Site to Processors for each transaction Processors process for the Web Site. Processors are neither co-owners or, nor a partner, nor joint venturer with the owner of this Web Site; instead, Processors are merely an independent contractor providing services to the owner of this Web Site on an arms length, contractual basis under specific, limited terms and conditions.


Processors HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE WEB SITE, or any of the design, layout, content, subject matter, products, services or persons that appear in or on or that are linked to the Web Site, or the geographical areas into which the Client disseminates, broadcasts or otherwise distributes or permits the downloading or access of the content or services offered by the Web Site. Processors have not reviewed the content of this Web Site or the products and/or services offered hereon, have not approved or disapproved same, and have not and will not monitor the Web Site or its content and/or products on an ongoing basis. Given the large number of sites for which Processors provide such independent credit card and check processing services, and the ease and frequency with which a web site operator can and does change his, her, or its site, content and/or products and services, such monitoring would be impossible. Accordingly, Processors make absolutely no representations and/or warranties, and provides no assurances, regarding the Web Site, the Web Site owner, or the quality, availability, legality or description of the products and/or services offered thereon. Processors expressly disclaim any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to this Web Site and/or the products and services offered hereon. Any disputes arising in connection with this Web Site, or the products and/or services being offered/purchased, are ultimately matters between you, the customer, and the owner of this Web Site. In certain circumstances, Processors may be handling customer service for the Web Site, in which case Processors may be handling such disputes for the owner on a contract basis as part of the credit card and check processing services performed for the Web Site Owner, but without any liability therefore. In all other cases, disputes should be directed to the contact information contained on the Web Site; however, you should feel free to contact Processors in the event that you feel that the Web Site operator acted fraudulently, or you were misled in any way. Processors urge you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions on the Web Site, and to ask the Web Site operator any questions you may have regarding the service/product before completing the subscription or other transaction, by using the contact information on this Web Site.


By submitting your request for authorization of your transaction, you hereby acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions herein stated, and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Processors harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages (including attorneys fees and associated costs) and other costs and expenses arising in connection with your visit to or use of this Web Site, and/or your purchase or offer to purchase any of the products and services offered hereon.


Privacy Policy Statement


Contact Information (Data Controller)

All visitors having any questions about this site, the manner in which this site interacts with its visitors, or who have any other questions pertaining to this Privacy Policy are invited to contact the Data Controller by e-mail at:


Scope of Privacy Policy


The contents of this Privacy Policy cover the information practices used on our Web site(s) including, but not limited to, the type of information gathered, the manner in which it is tracked, as well as how the information collected is used, and with whom that information is shared.


Non-Personal Information Collected


When visitors access our Web site(s), certain non-personal information may be collected from them including, but not limited to, their browser type (e.g., Chrome or Internet Explorer), the operating system being used (e.g., Windows or Macintosh), the IP address, and the domain name from which they have accessed the site (e.g., In addition, we may collect information about visitors’ browsing behaviors, such as the date and time of their visit to the Web site(s), the areas or pages of our Web site(s) that they visit, the amount of time spent viewing the site(s), and the number of times the visitor returns to the site(s). We use transparent tracking pixels and other scripts which are located on our servers to determine the number of Web site visitors that have been sent to us through our affiliate network. We do not track any information about visitors once they have left our site(s).