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Hungover Episode 3 Part 1

In this "porno-graphy," Rave Hardick, with the van dyck facial hair, will be topping Damien. Waking "him up," Rave grabs his partner's cock and is reciprocated. With an, "it's not going to suck itself," Damien goes down to prove his worth; fuck that boy can open his throat.

No giraffes were harmed during the making of this video. Now, back to Damien's hole, Rave takes a face-first approach and eats before fucking. Palpating the bottom's prostate, the top gloves to love then works his way in, nice and slow. These two act like their at summer camp, the bed may be softer, but the action is as "hard" as ever. The boy's "blow it" on the next scene, in a good way.

Hungover Episode 2 (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for Hungover Episode 2
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Hungover Episode 2

Skylar Starr, the blonde, and Coda Filthy, the bottom, keep finding these places to "deepen" their fun for It isn't "Bangkok," but it's hot to watch. After some knee action, Skylar turns and gives Coda his "dark side." As the bottom rims to his "hard's" content, he also stiffens the top; wolf pack's got to work together.

Coda turns and does his best impression of "IHOP;" it may not be fancy, but it's all you can "seat." Moving to the Meditation Garden, the boys go until Skylar blows; the bottom is "faced" with the cream results. Skylar then opens up his "oral-phis" for Coda's pleasure.

Hungover Episode 1 (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for Hungover Episode 1
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Hungover Episode 1

This "wolf pack" makes a splash as they party for AsianBoyNation. At the resort the next day, each guy awakens wondering what or who "went down" last night; and no, Caesar did not live here. Rave Hardick gives a, "oh shit," as it all "cums" back to him; apparently they were working in teams and Rave was Coda Filthy's "spotter." It started in the deep-end of the pool, about a foot deep, when the Lifeguard, Tristan Mathews runs the boys off, "take it inside boys;" Tristan must know Rave well.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Coda drops to his knees and chokes on the stun gun; "don't be afraid to ride the lightning." After rimming the bottom's hole, Rave has Coda, "jump on it." Throbbing on the knob, the bottom works his hole, with little room to spare as Rave brought his big gun. Changing positions a few times, the top takes care of Coda's "inseam;" the tight camera angles gets all that "jungle cat." Filming from below, it's not long before Rave blows and it shows; Coda follows with some "stringy" goodness of his own; Mike Tyson couldn't have done it better, with or without the tiger.