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Mr. Hardball: The First Pitch

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Workouts can bring relief, but not in my case; David Ace took care of the rest of the guys, but not the pitcher. Willing to catch for me, we add some nice warm-ups before playing ball. Sucking David's dick, I work him up then lie back and get mine. "Gloved up," I show my teammate more than just oral; "batter up" and in.

Arching his back, David gives me his hole as our hard bodies interlock. Riding my cock, the boy grabs the headboard and grinds. Edging, I lay David onto his back, slide into home and stretch his ass; "fuck that feels so good" he whimpers. Pounding the cum out of him, I watch while he explodes all over his torso, then I follow with my own abundant release. Now pitching exclusively for the team, our own Ken Ott is headed for the big leagues.


I've never seen Ken top before and enjoyed the change ,but please don't stop bottoming - he's the best! David is such a playful bottom, enjoying every minute. I love watching his sweet ass riding when he sits up top. And the subtle view of him stroking Ken's still hard cock when they kiss after cumming - delicious :-)