The Reunion Episode 7: Sleeping With the RA

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Shit, Alex Chu was one of the worst dorm guys when I was his RA. He always had parties and fucked guys all around the house. When I'd tell him to clean up his mess, he'd get another boy to do it; it's like they were "under his spell." Even though I'm not his RA anymore, I confront him; he says he wants to fuck me. I do need to let Alex get to the bottom of this. Dropping his shorts, Alex is hung; now I see why the boys would happily do his bidding.

Pushing me up against the wall, Alex eats my hole and penetrates me hard; he does have an assertive personality. Moaning in response to his skills, I then sit on him, bouncing and grinding. No matter what position he puts me in, he goes "all in" and has me edging. By the time I'm on all fours, he pumps until he dumps, all over my ass. Now that was hot; I use that energy to have my own dick leave an "impact." The boy who was once an RA, but will forever be a "RE-ceiver" is Jay for


love the NIPPLE PLAY!!!!