"No No," For Now!

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Approached by PeterFever.com, I told them I was looking for a gay porn site to do some work and have lots of fun; getting paid for what I do for free seems like a no-brainer. After my interview, we head to the hotel where I drain for the camera. On the bed, I start my solo, "ready" to be filmed. Some guy named Bren Bradshaw comes in; "scheduling" will now include two solos shot together. I have no problem being next to a sexy guy and both of us naked; damn, wonder if he wants a hand? The videographer has me roll over to show my "asset;" Bren seems happy with the exposure. When I reach over, the director gives me a no no, "solo only." Stepping out to chat, the guys leave us to ourselves; see, Bren did want a hand.

Stroking his cock, Bren rises and grins; I think he likes a "man's touch." After a bit we have to go back to the solo thing; there's some good porn to help us get off. Blowing first, Bren oozes out a nice creamy load, and then goes to the bathroom. I shoot next; my legs spread, possibly thinking about Bren fuckin' me, my load blows all over my hand. Damn, I will definitely "cum" again on PeterFever.com; don't forget, you can sign up to be a member and/or a model. Cody Hong is the newest of our hot Peter Fever boys.


Cody i super cute. We need to see him in some hard core action. Maybe a threesome with him, David and Ken Ott :D.

Video was a bit weird. Seems that something was going to happen between the two of them, but it was only a solo, what a shame. Felt it was almost a test to see how rebellious Cody was, but sadly thing commenced. Being a good guy hopefully pays off, would love to see more of him. He's very cute and attractive.