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Mr Hardball Part 4: Team Player

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Damn, sometimes my players go too far, and sometimes they set me up with other guys who push my "buttons" for a shot at the game; works for me. Ken sends over Gabe Dalessandro, a player with prospects; he pulls out his hard cock and deep throats mine. Asking if he can eat my ass, I bend over and show him the "infield." Getting a full display of his abilities, Gabe fucks me like a real pro so I "take one for the team" and open my pie hole. As I tell Gabe, he's got a "good shot" at making the team. Jessie Lee is our Coach in this tryout.


After seeing Jessie top so much, it's amazing to see him bottoming. He's amazing at it! So hot! Did you guys see as much of the camera guys as I did? a lil distracting.

Jessie Lee is a fantastic hot muscle bottom - the very best. Greatly looking forward to seeing Jessie doing more bottoming scenes including being tagged teamed.

N&B can be beautifull but is not that popular. You can always experient but you should upload the regular one too. Quite hot to Jessse bottom. Nice rimming and love the fingering too !

That was fucking hot! I've waiting a long time to see more of Jesse's bottom side and he takes it with the same enthusiasm as he gives it. Thank you Jesse!!!

Hi trex13 thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! It was a creative choice but I spoke with the Editor and we will be re-uploading without the black and white.