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Mr Hardball Part 5: Swing Batter Batter

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These boys keep coming out of the woodwork, for some of my "woodworking" skills. Leaning up against the dugout, I let Cody Hong take a swing; after all, it is my job to hone these boys' skills. Moving to the locker room, we step into the shower and lather one another up. Cody turns and grinds his bubble butt up against my cock; I slip in a finger. Hitting the spot, he gives me a high-pitched, "coach," and begs for my cock.

As I take my turn, this boy is "moaning" my praises and backing up onto me. Fucking him hard, I give it my all, and Cody takes it. Going to his knees, he then sucks my cock and we both jerk off. Cody spills a nice load on the shower floor and then leans in for my "cum-tribution." Creaming his face with a nice tick load, I must say, Cody is very enthusiastic about being on the team. Jessie Lee once again lends his "batting skills" to help out in this sexy film.


Thank you for your feedback, we will use Jessie as a bottom more in the future! :)

I recently joined especially because Jessie Lee was bottoming again. I have to say that I far prefer Jessie Lee as a bottom as he has all the attributes to be one of the very best and most accomplished power bottoms. Jessie is so much hotter and better as a bottom than a top and I do look forward to Jessie bottoming far more frequently on