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Mr Hardball Part 11: Boyfriend Material

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When Ken Ott takes a moment and wants to talk to me alone, I figure it's a good time to tell him he's not only on the team, but he has a special place in my heart. Back at my place, we harden and explore a possible relationship. Ken's cock feels so good in my hole that when it's time for him to cum, I let him blow all over my face. Right after he cums, I ooze out my load as well. A great team player, I think Ken is ready for the big league. Jessie Lee's ability to spot a hot player is just what we need on


Ken should definitely remain a bottom

wow the opening scene is something from a nicholas sparks movie "i have a crush on you" "hmm, i dont know if we're a match, i just wanna fuck you"

It's a great Friday when my favorite top bottoms and my favorite bottom tops :-)

I guess it is progress that both models actually cum in this video. That is certainly not true in the vast majority of clips posted on this site. But having one model cum by jerking off at the end of the scene is not really how it should be done. Jessie Lee has no problem cumming while getting fucked in scenes posted on other websites. Why not here?