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The Asiancy: Remastered and Extended Jessie Lee & Shane Fros

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When Shane comes to Jessie's hotel to get his wallet that he left the last time he visited, he sees that Jessie has other things in mind. Jessie opens his robe to reveal his half swollen cock and Shane doesn't waste a minute giving it some attention. After peeling off his clothes, Shane turns around and offers up his smooth, toned ass for Jessie to claim as his own. Jessie humps Shane for a minute and then slips his dick deep inside the ripped stud's ass. He pounds away, going balls deep as he makes Shane moan out with each thrust. After getting pounded, Shane wants to ride Jessie and hops on to sit on his dick. He bounces up and down on Jessie's big pole until Jessie unleashes a gusher of jizz all over his own heaving muscles.


This is such an incredible scene and it's nice to see it brought to the forefront again. I should think getting pulverized by the beautiful Jessie Lee, and for such a long, intense time, would be one of a bottom's crowning achievements of extreme pleasure. Count me in!