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Black Panda Episode 1 - T'Balla goes Balls Deep

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In the first episode of our epic new gay porn parody, T'Balla aka The Black Panther (played by Osiris Blade) arrives in Wakamono, Japan with his wife in search of Peckeranium, which is magical cum that extends life and gives extreme super powers. There, he finds the "Black Panda," played by Alex Chu, who is defended by his two Panda brothers (Levy Foxx and Ken Ott). The Black Panther will do anything to trade his Vibranium for the Peckeranium, but discovers he needs to eat the Pandas cum loads in order to feel the peckeranium’s super powers. Watch as the Panda Gods initiate the Panther into their land with all kinds of hardcore, ass pounding cum eating action!

Meanwhile, two American CIA Agents (played by Sean Duran and Bryce Evans) employed by President Crump have been spying on them. They are under orders to deliver the secret splooge to make the President “live forever.” Stay tuned tell next week to find out what happens with their diabolical plans.


Levy Foxx is beautiful, can't wait to see more of him!

glad to see Ken back, he is great as a bottom more than a top but him becoming a good cum bunny is a good draw.