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The Black Panda: Behind the Scenes Part 2

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We here at Peter Fever had a blast making 'The Black Panda' and it shows in all the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. With every sexy cock-pounding, ass-stretching scene, there's a story to tell behind the scenes. Sit back and let us put you on the set where you'll see things like Osiris Blade losing his composure with a laughing fit, Alex Chu cracking up the cast and crew, and never before seen footage of all your favorite models before, during, and after their sweaty, ball-draining fuck sessions. We'll even take you out to a couple of promotional club appearances where the guys get up on stage to entertain their fans. You're in for a fun and sexy ride, so sit back and let the men of Peter Fever entertain you with their sexy bodies, hilarious antics, and bloopers on the set.