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Sexy Rich Gaysians 4: Once Upon a Sling

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David (Alec Cruz) got a mysterious message to come to the baths and stands at the check-in counter to hear the racist clerk complaining about too many Asians that night. On the phone he quickly buys the bathhouse and makes the clerk get busy cleaning cumstains as punishment for his bigotry.

In the sling room, Darryl (Jessie Lee) has launched one more harebrained scheme to get Justyn and David together. He thinks if David walks in to see Justyn (John Rene) at his sluttiest getting fucked in a bathhouse sling wearing extreme bondage gear it will kick his libido up into high gear.

Studious Justyn goes along, with a few reservations, and starts with a juicy hot cocksucking session wearing a black leather bondage mask. Darryl pounds Justyn's face full of hot Asian dick to the accompaniment of swinging, rattling chains and disco music. He lies back in the sling so Justyn can feed on his cock while kneeling in front. Darryl bends Justyn over the sling and pounds his cock into his buddy's tight muscular ass.

Time for Justyn to find out the real fun of sling fucking, and he lies down with his legs in the air for Darryl to grab the chains and plow in. Darryl rattles the rafters with a rock hard fuck and Justyn's moans show that his efforts are working their magic. As Justyn and then Darryl spurt their loads, leaving Justyn a masked stud marinating in cum and lube, David shows up to watch and propose. He offers up his cock ring as an engagement ring, and Darryl rushes off to round up Bobo for a four stud orgy/engagement party. David and Justyn kiss to seal the deal.


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