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PeterFever Live At Hustlaball

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The Saturday night event of HUSTLABALL VEGAS weekend was a private XXX party at renowned bathhouse Entourage Vegas Spa, and the evening was spiced up with live XXX performances by our models.

CagedJock's a last-minute addition to the roster, but his chemistry with PeterFever veteran model Jessie Lee is immediate and intense. On the performance lounge stage, they strip to jockstraps and handsome Asian stud CagedJock is first to drop to his knees and begin the enviable task of sucking Jessie's ample cock. Jessie returns the favor by licking his partner's hot hole, then driving in a pair of fingers. CagedJock flexes and pushes his ass into Jessie's hand in appreciation, prompting horny Jessie to add another finger or two. Between each round of fingerfucking Jessie is careful to lick and lube the hole, and give CagedJock a kiss in the bargain.

CagedJock slips down the straps of his jock and sits squarely on Jessie's face. Jessie alternates fingerbangs and deep hard rimming in the soft light of the performance lounge. CagedJock wants a taste of Jessie's dick and bobs his head down to get a good mouthful. The horny boys position for a rimming/sucking 69, with Jessie sucking CagedJock's hole and getting a simultaneous blowjob in return.

It's time to shift this performance into high gear, and CagedJock turns to grind his horny ass on Jessie's big hard prick. They lock their legs around each other as he rides Jessie like a carnival thrill ride. Then on all fours he opens up to take a final hard, smooth fuck. Jessie plows into him to the delight on the partygoers and the satisfaction of CagedJock. One more kiss and they stand to wipe off the sweat of an athletic and horny hookup.



Wish I was there to see it live. I was so excited to see CagedJock, I'm a huge fan of his. I hope Peter Fever can book CagedJock for an actual scene . I think if you pair CagedJock with Damian Dragon they could make magic happen. Some hot sucking, rimming, fucking, and fisting would be fire! Thank you adding this extra content.