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A Helping Hand

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When Damian Dragon comes in the door, Axel Abysse is very happy to see him. "Thanks for coming, I need your help!" he purrs. They begin kissing and grinding their bodies together, and Damian's hands go straight to Axel's round firm booty. Damian pulls off Axel's tight black t-shirt and nibbles on a ring that pierces his nipple. Axel lifts Damian's t-shirt over his head and we see the heavy black harness he's wearing.

Axel licks his lips and gently opens Damian's belt, pulls his dick out and starts sucking. He works his tongue from balls to the smooth tan dickhead. Damian turns him around and yanks down his pants to expose the pale ass framed by the black cutout briefs, dives in and begins rimming. Axel moans in pleasure and wants more. The shorts come down so that Axel can stand broadlegged and Damian gets a wide open hole to worship with his mouth.

Axel climbs on the dining table and holds back his lupper leg. Damian laps and licks, gets his hole wet and lubed, then drives in his hard cock. Axel holds tight onto Damian's harness as he drills into Axel, then twiddles his nipple. Damian pulls out and slides in four fingers. Gently stretching and opening up Axel's hole gets him prepared to take the whole fist. Donning a black latex glove and slathering on a thick lube, he enters Axel's ass.

Axel stands with on leg up on the table, groaning as his ass welcomes the smooth hard pressure of Damian's fist as it pushes past the wrist. Lube drips as he pops his fist in and out. Finally he turns to Axel and asks, "Are you sure you left your keys up there? I couldn't find them anywhere!"


Thank you guys for your comments, we wanted to see how our first fisting scene would go over with you guys. Axel Abysse is an Instructor of safe sex and safe fisting (always using gloves and condoms), and Damian is a huge fan of his and wanted to try it for a long time. So far the comments and reviews seem pretty positive, but we'll listen to your feedback as to whether or not we do a fisting scene in the future! As for bareback, we take our model's safety very seriously so as long as there is chances of STD's we are playing it safe! Thanks everyone for being a member and your very valuable feedback. Best, Peter Le and Danny Z.

@ CN4Asians I don't think that a little bit of fisting using a condom (glove) indicates the site is going to start doing bareback. Axel Abysse teaches guys safe fisting by using gloves never saw him do a scene on his site without. Damian wore a condom during the anal sex, so I think it safe they keeping things safe for all involved CN4Asians :)

I am very sorry to see PeterFever going in this direction. My tastes are pretty vanilla and that is me and I totally get that some people are into "rougher things". However, I will say this: I believe in safe sex and if you start going bare, I will be dropping my subscription. Condoms are sexy as is good health!!

OMG! SO HOTT. Can we please get more fisting. Grade A++. Damian Dragon is flawless.