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FX Rios

Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Dick Size: 9 inches uncut
Fun Fact: Recently moved to New York and loving it!

Hey guys, FX Rios here though you may know me as "Silky Dick," the pimpin' character I played for PeterFever. I'm what's known as a "Super Top" with my long thick tool, but I've been known to bottom for the right guy on the rare occasion. It was a thrill to try my acting skills for this part and and I really loved working with PeterFever; please rate me highly and leave me any feedback so they bring me back! You can also follow me on more in member area

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FX Rios, Alex Chu & Ari Nucci

FX Rios, Alex Chu &...

12 Jan 2018
FX Rios & David Ace

FX Rios & David Ace...

15 Dec 2017


01 Dec 2017
China Gold 2

China Gold 2

24 Nov 2017
China Gold Screencaps

China Gold Screencaps...

17 Nov 2017
China Gold

China Gold

17 Nov 2017