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FX Rios

Age: 48
Height: 5'7"
Dick Size: 6.5 inches uncut
Fun Fact: Damian is an Artist as well as porn star and designs his own amazing tattoos.

Hi everyone, I'm Damian Dragon! I wanted to thank PeterFever for giving an Asian artist and leather daddy like me the opportunity to film for their iconic studio. As a lot of people know, in addition to porn I'm also an artist, Yoga Instructor, Stretch Therapist and Personal Trainer. At 48 years old, it's very important to keep yourself in shape! Sexually, I'm versatile but have grown to love taking on the Asian daddy role and fucking some more in member area

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FX Rios, Alex Chu & Ari Nucci

FX Rios, Alex Chu &...

12 Jan 2018
FX Rios & David Ace

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15 Dec 2017


01 Dec 2017
China Gold 2

China Gold 2

24 Nov 2017
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17 Nov 2017
China Gold

China Gold

17 Nov 2017