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Sir Jet (PF)

Age: 36
Height: 5'9"
Dick Size: 6.5 inches
Fun Fact: Before filming in gay porn for PeterFever, Sir Jet was both a professional Singer and fitness model!

Hey everyone, I'm Sir Jet hailing from Phoenix, Arizona! I got into porn after being approached when I was doing modeling for an underwear company, and I thought why not? Since then, I have to say I'm so lucky to have amazing fans that have rated me highly, I love you guys and your support! I have always had a weak spot for Asian men so being approached to model for PeterFever has been a dream cum true. Who wouldn't want to get fucked by Peter's more in member area

Sir Jet 's Photos

Gayvengers Victory

Gayvengers Victory

21 Dec 2018
Max & Sir Jet

Max & Sir Jet

30 Nov 2018
Damian Dragon & Sir Jet

Damian Dragon & Sir...

26 Oct 2018
Axel & SirJet

Axel & SirJet

05 Oct 2018
Alex & Jet

Alex & Jet

03 Aug 2018