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Max Konnor (PF)

Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Dick Size: 10 inches

Hi guys at Peterfever! I'm Max Konnor, a New Yorker and a Scorpio, though more laid back than most. My favorite part of sex is sliding into a twink's tight ass for the first penetration. Some guys say they can't handle my cock, but it's up to me to work it in smoothly till they are loving every minute. I like working out and staying close to home watching Netflix (care to join me?). The only thing that gets me a little peeved is being referred to as more in member area

Max Konnor 's Photos

Gayvengers Victory

Gayvengers Victory

21 Dec 2018
Max & Sir Jet

Max & Sir Jet

30 Nov 2018
Axel, Dominic & Max

Axel, Dominic & Max...

23 Nov 2018
Max Konnor & David Ace

Max Konnor & David ...

12 Oct 2018