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Orson Deane (PF)

A visitor from London, I'm pale, slightly hairy, with a lean body and an ample and eveready cock. A true versatile, I'm very well up for a slamming a sexy Asian arse. At the same time I'm ready to put my butt to good use, even taking on an outlandish toy or two when duty calls.

I'm told my best quality is my low, sexy English schoolboy accent. Amazing how that works like a charm to get me into other guy's pants (or as you Yanks call them, more in member area

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Batter Up!

Batter Up! 05 Apr 2019

Whip It Real Good

Whip It Real Good 01 Mar 2019

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Jessie & Orson

Jessie & Orson

05 Apr 2019
Orson & Trevor

Orson & Trevor

01 Mar 2019