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Sharing is caring, at least when it cums to the QBoys. Jay Wu was not so happy to share his boy Ander with horny twink Pierce Brooks, but now it's time to convert Tony Genius into a full-fledge QBoy, and Ander has the mouth as ass to work that magic. Jay presses Ander down onto his knees, and the horny sidekick starts sucking off both of them. Tony's stiff tool looks so tasty soon Jay is down there grabbing a slurp for himself. But mainly, this is Ander's chance to shine. He works his tongue, open mouth and deep throat on Commander Jay and the intruder Tony. But sucking cock isn't all a horned up mouth is good for, as Tony and Jay rim Ander's tight little hole in preparation for some deep rough anal action. Tony rams his raw booty blaster in first, then passes this prize butthole over to the boss Jay. Ander makes a few groaning faces, but he's loving every thrust. Jay whirls him back over to Tony, who rams in even harder this time. When it's time to give Ander two loads of manjuice, Tony and Jay stand over him beating their cocks in rapid unison. Ander is a drenched cummy mess, but he's not complaining. When Jay welcomes Tony, "Guess you're one of us now!" Tony surreptitiously reports to his Loud Boys boss through the wrist radio. "Did you hear that, he whispers proudly. But Jay's too cum happy to notice the new QBoy has a divided loyalty that will cum back to bite them in the asses someday.


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