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Alex has been leading some of his buddies through workout sessions, but this time he might have met his match - blond, handsome Sir Jet is stronger, more muscular and knows his way around the gym. He's likely to teach the teacher a thing or two, in and out of the workout.

They start out with a set of pushups and some dumbbell squats, then Alex claims to need to take off his shirt from being sweaty. Jet offers "Maybe I can do something about that" and moves in to kiss Alex. He peels off his shorts and reveals a ripped body like an alabaster statue. Both guys are ready to get sweaty...

After the two musclemen trade blowjobs, Jet takes to all fours and spreads his feet wide apart as Alex dives in to rim his perfect pink hole. He groans with deep satisfaction as his ass gets plowed with Alex's eager cock. Alex grabs ahold of each mounded muscle cheek and dives in deep.

Jet straddles Alex and reaches behind to guide his cock into that perfect spot buried deep inside, and Alex beams as he's ridden by a sculpted mountain of pure hard muscle. He can't help turning them over till he's aimed to plow into that hot hungry hole to the root. Jet is fuck crazy with Alex's dick pounding against his prostate and gets a creamy wad fucked out of him in no time. Alex straddles his taut pecs to shoot his own thick squirt all over his workout buddy's appreciative face. Time to hit the showers, boys!


Sir Jet is a bottom, but I think he has good potential serving as a top and would love to see him to do that with Peter Fever. He has the physique and the dick. Would be amazing to see him in more episodes.