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Axel Kane and Buddy Wild don't need pleasantries or introductions, just get onto the bed and start tearing each others' clothes off. Axel is his usual Asian muscle god self, and paired up with hung, tight-bodied black stud Buddy. Buddy gets his hands around Axel's nuts, and mouth swallowing down his swelling tool. Axel pushes Buddy's face down onto his crotch and almost gets a gag reflex out of him. When Axel slides his hand into the deep crevice between Buddy's thick round buttcheeks, we know the chemistry is heating up. Buddy turns his butthole to Axel who gives it a smack and drills his cock in.

"Fuck me!" Buddy yells, then groans his appreciation. Axel speeds up, wraps his arms around Buddy's throat. Buddy's dick is hard as steel as his booty is rammed full of hot Korean-American dick. Their bodies slap together with a hot juicy THWACK thwack thwack! Buddy lies on his side and pulls up one leg to open his hole for anything Axel can slam in with. Their open mouths lock as ass and dick grind together. "I'm gonna CUM!" Buddy warns. But Axel is first with a juicy wad that new buddy Buddy rubs sensuously into his tight muscular abs. Buddy squirts his load as the two spent studs pull their bodies into a tight lock.


Both guys are hot, but there's no steam in the action. C'mon, you're gettin some!

I would love to see more scenes of Axel Kane, he's so fucking hot...