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PeterFever fans have been treated to a dozen episodes of hot fun and fetishy hijinks in the KINK series and the All-Asian rom-com cavalcade of SEXY RICH GAYSIANS. Here's some more of the hottest sex and kooky off-camera fun you didn't get to see the first time around.

The sling scene in SEXY RICH GAYSIANS was volcanic and hot as is, but there was a whole rimming section that couldn't fit the limited running time for the episode. Now you can see Jessie Lee getting a tasty faceful of John Rene's tight wet hole.

At another end of the bathhouse, we see Axel Kane and Sir Jet's oil wrestling getting out-of-control sexy, then Axel, Alec Cruz, Jessie and John enjoying their 4way orgy. If you didn't think there could be any more laughs to get from the tickle torture scene from KINK, you'd be sorely mistaken, as built Trevor Northman gives tickling lessons to Shen Powers and keeps cracking up.

Trevor is even ticklish when it's not in the script. He laughs uproariously as Damian Dragon sucks his toes for the foot fetish episode. Meanwhile Shen is getting bent over and eaten out by Damian in the clothespin scene.

Cocks aren't the only thing getting blown in porn, as the models blow their lines with a wink and a giggle. But all's well that ends well, as a couple of juicy cum shots show that the work of porn can still be a hell of a lot of fun. (Unless you're Sir Jet when the riding crop swats his balls by mistake instead of his rosy butt!)


Beautiful ass eating made me cum!

I really like to see more Trecor tickled video!