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New York is America's megalopolis, a city of big dreams and big emotions. In Brooklyn, the Big Apple's trendiest borough, big horny guys with hard passions and powerful libidos meet and mate in passionate connections that give us all the feels. Edgy Sammy Sinsss relaxes in the ornate Victorian Pleasure Parlour with bearded Asian stud Tanner Winn, sharing fears and feelings before their bodies tangle. Tanner used to be not so big on giving oral for fear of gagging on a massive cock (never been one of our worries) but now with experience he's conquered that hurdle. For his part, Sammy has tackled his hesitations about group sex and now enjoys threesomes and more. Now they know each other a bit better, kiss and strip down to the bare essentials. Curious hands dive into skivvies and Tanner sinks to the floor to try out his hard-earned oral skills. Sammy leans against an antique vanity as Tanner slurps down his big hard cock. Returning the favor, he swallows Tanner's raging hardon and explores his smooth soft skin with lips and tongue. The exploration continues as he rims Tanner's tight hole, grabbing a muscular cheek in each hand. Tanner climbs up to ride on Sammy's bare cock, leaning in to sneak another kiss. Things heat up as Sammy pins back Tanner's thighs to ram in deeper. Tanner rolls to his knees as Sammy drills in from behind. As Tanner begins to stroke his stiffy hard and fast, Sammy goes in for the big climaxxx. Pulling out, his body tenses and he pumps out splash after splash of musky manjuice. With Sammy sucking his nuts, Tanner shoots his wad across his lean, tight abs.