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Damian Dragon checks the hookup message on his phone, climbs the stairs to a wide-open Brooklyn rooftop. Shortly behind, Tanner Winn arrives. Rubbing his hand across the bulge in Damian's jeans, he approves the package inside and they start their clandestine fuck. When he peels down the jeans and Damian's briefs, his big hairy uncut cock pops out and up to attention. Tanner starts stroking, drops to his knees to suck. Damian yanks Tanner's boxers and jock to jack their dicks together. Once he's had his taste of Tanner's thick tool, he leads him downstairs and inside. Tanner puts on knee up on a folding chair and spreads his ass open for Damian to get a lick. Taking Damian's finger with a satisfied groan, he braces against the wall and Damian plows in raw. Fucking close, tight and sweaty, things heat up rapidly. Damian sits on the chair as Tanner straddles and sits on his big cock. He leans in for a deep kiss. Damian has to pull out, ready to blast his load. He sprays his sperm down Tanner's smooth asscheeks.


Damian is such an inspiration. He'll likely still be as sexy as ever well into his 50s and beyond. It just shows how shallow those who write people off based on their age are! I would gladly submit to his every carnal whim.!!

Damien Dragon is a perfect stud ❤️