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Curly-haired twink Chenny had a date with Sammy Sinsss before but all they ended up doing was kissing and cuddling together. A visitor to NYC, Chenny admits that it's his favorite city. Sammy loves his hair and cute smile, so their chemistry is obviously mutual. They kiss and let their curious hands roam to get the action started. When Chenny climbs up to straddle Sammy, the hot stud pulls down Chenny's shorts and taps a finger against his pucker, rubbing into the hole as they kiss. Chenny slides down Sammy's pants and takes his big cock into his mouth. Sammy pins his legs back, spits on the twink's ass and licks to lube and open it up for more fun. A slathering of lube and a probing finger and Chenny's ready to plow. Sammy slaps his dick around the slippery crack and drills in deep. Chenny crouches on all fours on the couch while Sammy rams in. "Awww fuck!" Chenny mumbles and Sammy answers with an emphatic "Awww, FUCK!" Sammy pulls out and jacks their stiff cocks together in one hand. Sammy's hot splatter coats Chenny's smooth tight belly. One more tight deep kiss and the horny bottom geysers out his hot load.


Chenny's great! Very cute!

Great session. You guys are so hot!