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When sexy Asian yoga master Levy Foxx gets a peek at the giant hardon bulging in student Zario Travezz's workout pants, his comments on the important purple chakra (ruling the crown of the head) goes by the wayside. He gropes that fat woody and starts making out with the student. When Levy drops to his knees and peels down Zario's pants, the big meat monster pops out and goes straight down into Levy's gagging throat. (That gurgling sound you hear is the mantra of a yoga master at work.) He lies back to let dark and handsome Zario do the work, fucking that tool down his dick-starved throat.

Zario picks up Levy's legs and burrows into his tight round ass, licking and slurping till it's wet and ready for plowing. A slick finger paves the way, then Zario drives in hard with a slippery raw cock. He grabs both buttcheeks and aims straight in. Levy arches his back and sticks his booty up into the line of fire, gets his butt rammed royally. By now he's yelling for more, and what's a student to do but obey the teacher? Zario lies down and lets Levy ride that dick to his heart's content. It feels so warm and juicy inside that Zario starts thrusting straight up into that hot hole. Levy's hard as a rock too and there's no stopping them now. Levy's first to splatter his load down his dick and balls. Then Zario groans that he's close, and Levy begs for a hot cum facial. The fast-learning student showers Levy's purple chakra and the face below with a thick coat of musky manjuice, then laps up the spooge off his horny and satisfied teacher.


Really, REALLY love Zario. Love to see more of him, and he would be great with Alex Chu!!!

Daaaaamn top was huuuungry way he ate him out lol. Idk if bottom actually liked it but moaning to it like he does was hot af

WOW!!! The energy and the pounding never stops!! AMAZINGLY HOT!!

Why is it that every time a damn top cums we can't see their face and dick on the screen at the same time? Geez! Not everyone just wants to see a dick close up