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Nothing's more relaxing after a busy day of work than a nice, deep, penetrating massage from a handsome guy. And Jessie NEEDS to cool down. "Time for my massage. Come HERE, boy!" he shouts as Dane comes scurrying in. Jessie slips off his towel and lies face down on the table as Dane begins buttering him up with compliments. "You have such SOFT skin!" he remarks as his talented hands work deep into the crevices and knots. As Jessie rolls over to reveal a big fat hardon, he commands, "Worship me, boy!" That's when things take a turn for the seXXXy. Dane takes Jessie's thicc fucktool down his throat and starts worshiping. Jessie reaches down and gives Dane's head a helping hand to get his dick even further into his thirsty gullet. Straddling Dane, Jessie spreads his knees apart to give the obedient masseur a better view of his hairy crack. Dane drills in fingers of both hands and opens the hole wide. In a flash he's on top of Jessie's cock, riding like an equestrian champ. Jessie rolls them over to the side to thrust in bareback and balls deep. As their pants and groans echo off the walls of the massage room, the erotic heat takes over. Plowing in from behind Jessie hits Dane's magic spot and starts him shooting his wad. Splatters of cum dot the towel below as Jessie's own squirt bubbles up to the surface. He pulls out and drenches Dane's skinny butt in a sheen of thick creamy cum.