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What would any good porn story be without its happy ending in the form of a big group scene orgy? This Circle Jerk of Life is no different. When Kai and Sunny snuggle up like new bffs next to the fire pit, Dane has a seat next to them and begins kissing and massaging Sunny. Meanwhile, officious host Jessie keeps bobbing up behind the deck rail to have a peek. Wearing a Groucho disguise of bushy eyebrows, mustache and thick black glasses, he finally breaks into the action to announce "It's circle jerk time!" Ditching the goofy gear, he kisses Dane and the festivities kick off in grand style. As Dane gobbles down Jessie's big knob, Sunny slurps on Kai. Like any proper orgy, the lines get muddled and soon all four are a writhing, moaning mass of man flesh. Dicks slip down throats in every hot combination. Sunny D ends up in the middle as the remaining three stick out their dicks into his cockhungry face. But why let his smooth tight hole go to waste? Jessie straddles the bench and plows in to screw him from behind. Finally when things heat up to the edge of blasting off, Sunny goes back to sucker in the middle and chows down happily on all three. In the warm, golden light of the firepit, each sprays his thick load onto Sunny[s face and into his cumthirsty mouth.


Nobody sucks cock like Sunny D; Sunny Delight, Sunny Delicious !!!

What a great cum scene. Sunny's mouth full of cum and his big smile as he savors the feeling and taste is so hot.