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Eric and Jessie decide to attend couples therapy together with their sex therapist. They tell each other their true feelings for each other. Jessie holds Eric's hand and describes how his life was meaningless before meeting Eric, just filled with fucking one guy after another. Eric then tells Jessie how he didn't think he was interested in him when they first met because Jessie never made any moves on him. After they finish Christopher explains how they are going to have sex with each other but through him. That's right, the only way to get back on the right path if for their therapist to be in between the two of them so they can focus on loving each other instead of just sex.


East or westEric is the best

Bring back Eric! What's happened to this guy? Hope he's not left for pastures new! I thought that I heard some fitness videos with Peter were a possibility? Please get Eric back in front of the camera - as either top or bottom, he's just great!

Why Bottom has not erected.