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What home improvement project is NOT improved 1000% by the presence of a hot (and slightly dim) handyman on the job? When chesty hunk contractor Des Irez comes in from the heat to get a drink of water, homeowners Hans Raw amd Jeremy Vuitton and their horndog realtor Jon Darra are ready to give him MORE than a cool drink. Hands and mouths explore all his peaks and valleys as they move in for the dick.

Dropping their shirts in no time, the action heats up till the seXXXy foursome are nailing and screwing each other in a full-fledged foursome orgy. Des and Jon lick the homeowners' sweaty holes and get them ready for drilling. Raw dicks plow in to the depths accompanied by Hans and Jeremy's hearty moans. The wooden dining table gets used for more than a snack and never buckles under the weight of four lusty barebackers. This orgy's first round ends with Des' big messy splatter that gets cleanup duty via Jeremy's hot tongue.


love when they were drooling over Des Irez in the beginning.. Des is sooo hot.. love how they worshipped Des. I cummed right after Des flipped his huge cock out. Jeremy is so lucky to get to be fucked by Des so many times. the way jeremy sucks Des's bent cock is so hot. Des takes in all the pleasure of jeremy worshipping him. jon darra is another top here but des had fucked him in another scene.