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Sexy aviator-sunglassed stud Jon Darra is the cockhungry realtor showing home-hunters Hans Raw and Jeremy Vuitton the midcentury modern house they've been searching for. Once they see the pool, they're sold, but how to make sure they get the house? When Jon gets handsy with Hans, the young couple decide to play along with his sleazy plans. "He grabbed my ass! Do you mind if I mingle with him?" Hans asks, getting permission to fuck with the horny agent.

Hans and Jon tear each others' clothes off on the pool deck while Jeremy stands by peeking. Jon drops his drawers on the bench and Hans goes to work slurping down his big swollen knob. Once it's stiff and slick, Hans turns around and sits down on the thick tool. Bouncing on the realtor's big love muscle, Hans groans with satisfaction. He grinds his butt down to the furry root of Jon's cock. Jon rises up and holds Hans by the shoulder to ram his bareback prick in balls deep. Hans kneels below on the astroturf as Jon milks out a hefty splatter that drenches him from eyebrows to chin. Hans' sticky wad sprays out onto his lean waist just after.