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After Jon Darra's hot screw with Hans Raw in the patio, Asian homebuyer Jeremy Vuitton wants the same deal, to close the deal on the house. "Ok, we can make that happen," the horny realtor gamely responds. When Hans excuses himself to check out the master bedroom, Jeremy climbs onto Jon's lap and grinds down. He yanks Jon's jeans off and goes to work slurping his stiff woody. Straddling his thighs, Jeremy gets his cheeks spread open by Jon's wandering hands. In a few deft moves, Jon's big dick is bareback plowing Jeremy's tight little hole.

Grabbing Jeremy's ass by both cheeks, Jon drills in deep. He pins Jeremy's ankles back and rams his raw cock in to the hairy root as Jeremy lets out a fierce moan. Jeremy braces against the overstuffed chair and takes his pounding like a man. "Awww fuck I'm gonna cum baby!" Jon announces as he drenches Jeremy's twitching hole with a thick splatter. Jeremy glazes his beating fist with a thick squirt of his own.