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Shen Powers is a personal trainer who's showing Levy Foxx some tips on the proper ways to bulk up his thin frame. After a nice long workout at the gym, Levy needs a massage so Shen offers to take Levy to his room to work out the knots in his upper back and shoulders. When Shen starts rubbing Levy, he soon realizes there's more to Levy that he needs to see. Shen takes control and straddles the young twink as he slowly peels off Levy's clothes. Levy loves the attention his body is receiving and rolls over to take a peek at what lies beneath the tent in Shen's shorts. Levy discovers a nice throbbing hard-on that he can't resist sucking. Levy works Shen's shaft with his talented mouth until Shen can't hold off any longer. The ripped stud flips Levy around and inserts his hard cock into Levy's ready asshole. He plunges away, going balls deep until he flips him over and gets Levy on his side. Once he has the twink where he wants him, Shen fucks Levy even harder, making him squeal with delight. It's a hardcore fuck-fest that keeps Levy filled with dick and Shen pumping all the way to the finish line. Finally, with Shen still stretching his hole, Levy lets loose and covers his own tight abs with cum. Shen sees the pleasure he's given and keeps a steady pace fucking Levy until he pulls out and blasts his own jizz all over Levy, leaving the two 'Fitness Fuckers' a sticky, panting mess.


levy is the best!!!!-wow shen is hunk as well!

Levy is my favorite pornstar, he’s the best power bottom. I need more videos of him please.

Mr Powers works well as versatile. Would love to see him with interracial partners, with him being top and bottom.

Don't really know what CN4Asians is on about, Levy is the best model yet since Coda Filthy.

This was a so-so video. May I suggest that you book Levy in for some waxing.......Please bring Jessie Lee back. He and Mr. Powers would bring your ratings way up!