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Sweet and sexy Dane Jaxson is small but potent, with a perfect defined build and a handsome face. Adopted from South Korea as an infant, he's lived most all his life in Texas. Now he's ready for a change. San Diego's where he's headed, as he fell in love with its beauty, energy and perfect climate visiting his sister there. Dane first shared some gay puppy love with a close friend then came out at 18 after high school. He's been dipping his toe into the world of porn since he first watched and thought "How fun!" First he tried a chat site then built a fan subscriber base. Outside of the sexual realm, he's a music lover and creator, playing piano and cello and writing his own music.

Now it's time for Dane to relax and let his powerful sex drive take over. Kneeling in the grass of a desert gay resort, he slides a dildo into his tight firm ass. Moaning as the big black toy hits his magic spot, he grinds his booty into every thrust as he fucks himself. He lies back with legs open wide and gives a seductive stare into the camera. Pulling off his jock, Dane reaches down to stroke his thick straight cock. The hot sensations taking over and getting him close, he lies back in the grass to geyser a hot spurt of juicy cum that stripes across his abs and tight chest. Scooping up a handful he licks his fingers and gives us a satisfied smile.


Dane is a cutie, and he seems like a nice guy too. Hope we see a lot more of him at Peter Fever!

Dane is a beautiful man!