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Rio is not the first place you'd expect to run into a hot Asian twink, but Hanry Onlyjapa is anything but expected. He's a Brazilian-Japanese mix, 5'7", 140 lean-muscled pounds and hung a thick 9". Originally from Sao Paulo, he's active and outdoorsy, enjoying volleyball on the sunny beaches of Ipanema. He started modeling for porn a few years ago for the extra cash and enjoys performing for an audience. Sexually he enjoys muscleboys but has an attraction to older guys. Despite the prejudice in his home country, Hanry feels free to live the gay life he's chosen. And if things get bad, he's willing to fight for that freedom.

Sprawled across a sofa, Hanry rubs a palm across the bulge in his white bikini. His big uncut meat pops out of the waistband, and his heavy nuts soon droop out of the bottom of his swimsuit. Stroking, his meat swells up even larger and his head rolls back dreamily. He turns over and seductively runs a wet finger over the pucker of his tan ass. He jerks his cock between his legs, looking back to admire the skin rolling back over the thick head. As he gets close, Hanry bites his lip and groans. His tight abs tense up and he closes his big brown eyes. A creamy white splatter shoots out as he pants to catch a breath. Looking into the camera, he flashes a pearly smile and bids us goodbye.


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