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Small but potent, sexy little Filipino-American Jeremy Vuitton is a fashionable designer original, just like his namesake. He started on his gay sexual journey as a teen when he scored with a 6'8" basketball team senior. He got fucked during that first experience with a guy. And that was just the beginning! Now he's freshly single after a long relationship and ready to take on the world.

Jeremy loves the feeling of control when he's licking and sucking a dick and giving pleasure to someone. He's excited to be part of a positive Asian sex site like PeterFever and really enjoyed shooting his first series. After the interview, Jeremy peels out of his shirt and slacks and pulls out his stiff cock. He caresses his nips and body, gives his cock a sensuous massage with a vibrating massage gun. Once he lets a finger stray to his round muscular booty, we can see what really revs his motor. Watching a hot scene on his phone, he strokes and milks a hefty load from his tawny dick. Cum splatters across his pubes and tight belly while he groans out his satisfaction. Relaxed and chilled out, he gives a winning smile to the PeterFever audience.


Beautiful smile, great body & quite possibly the nicest ass i've ever seen in porn...

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