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Rio's a muscular little fireplug, at 5'7" and 180 pounds. He's a versatile bottom with an attractive masculine edge. He admits to a little narcissism when it comes to sex. His fantasy is to watch himself getting fucked in POV-style camera shots. Scouted by a porn agent who saw him on a gay app in his small hometown, Rio moved to the big city and began his porn modeling career as a business venture that he could also enjoy. And on the topic of what gets Rio's gonads into high gear, it's older, bigger, more muscular guys. "Anyone bigger is really hot to me." When Rio comes inside to strip down, we see his favorite body parts, which are below the waist. His strong legs, thick-muscled ass and ever-ready cock are certain att3ntion-getters. He's furry, with s0ft downy black hair on his legs and crotch, and a thick patch of fur around his butthole. As he strokes, Rio reaches up to tweak his nip. His head cocks back in deep satisfaction. But it's when he brandishes a double-headed dildo and slides it into his hungry hole that he really kicks into action. He turns over to hands and knees to find a position for the deepest ass-ramming. Pearly beads of precum drip from his head. He's getting close. Breathing speeds up and erupts into a series of pants as the load wells up from his nuts and geysers out into his palm. Sprays of hot male juice dot his hairy abs. And just like that he lies back relaxed, ready for a recharging nap on the tatami.