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Taiwan-born Cali boy Shen Kaito is small but potent, at 5'7" and 135 pounds of pure lean muscle. After coming to the US at 18 for his studies, he stayed on and made America his adopted home. A natural athlete, Shen likes outdoor pursuits like surfing and skiing. Attracted to the aesthetics and scent of good-looking males, he's excited to take his gay life into a new frontier, modeling for adult video and PeterFever.

Lying on a hotel bed with legs spread wide, Shen reaches into his tight black briefs to work up a stiff erection. A dreamy expression takes over as he goes into a private fantasy of hot sex, pulling out his big cock and stroking smooth and fast. His tight nuts and thick tool stand out from the downy black pubes that frame them. He breathes deeper and closes his eyes. A glance at some porn action on his mobile phone pushes him closer to the edge. He grimaces with a sexy groan. "I'm gonna CUM!" he purrs, and a spurt of creamy manjuice splatters into the soft dark hair of his bush. Shen gives us a winning, relaxed smile as sperm drizzles down his fist


WOW! Shen is beautiful! While I am taken by the Asian physique, His is just amazing. Surprisingly he is circumcised. Most Asian males are not cut. He is and has a gorgeous cock. Shen’s body is perfect to my likening. Truly a fabulous man!Is there any way to contact him directly?

I started to get turned on seeing Shen walking around near where I used to work in DTLA. I hope this first session was a positive experience for him! he's super cute and sexy

Shen is good looking man with gorgeous eyes and a great physique! I find it especially intriguing that a Taiwanese man of his age would be cut. Is circumcision becoming more prevalent in the Asian cultures? I would love to know more about this. Perhaps you good folk at PeterFever would forward my inquiry to Shen and then let me know via member services. Thank you.

Shen is a cutie!