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26-year old Tyler Wu is lean and muscular, with a winning smile and a victorious cock. After a childhood crush on Anakin Skywalker, his gay inclinations were confirmed with a boyhood game of chicken that started out by placing your hand on another boy's thigh and slowly moving it up toward his package until someone was too "chicken' to let the horseplay go any further. A former figure skater, his rigorous workouts have given him a godlike physique and buns of steel. Growing up he got stage gigs in theme park shows for a few years. Now that he's begun posting fan videos online, his porn career has eclipsed the rest of his pursuits.

Tyler welcomes the new fans he hopes to gain performing on the biggest Asian gay site, PeterFever. Today's solo begins when he pulls down the waistband of his briefs to unleash his XL, uncut, mushroom-headed cock and its Prince Albert piercing. It's rock hard and stands straight out in from of Tyler's ripped body. As he strokes intently, his breathing rises and falls with each pass of a lubed hand over his giant tool. Foreskin play adds to the fun when he stretches the skin forward over the head and piercing ring. Fully naked, Tyler cuts the play and gets down to some serious stroking. His heavy nuts are covered with a bit of curly fuzz, and bob up with each stroke. As he gets close, Tyler stares straight into the camera with a barely-voiced moan. His cock rears up and shoots a creamy splatter onto the wooden tray before him. He catches his breath and lets his eyes close in a moment of total satisfaction.


From head to toe, Tyler is gorgeous. What a hot dude...


Oh man. Tyler Wu has an amazing ass and this video Tyler Wu video has no amazing ass!

Very handsome guy with a great body. Unfortunately the piercing is a big turnoff for me.

What is there not to love. That foreskin on that uncut cock is beautiful. Btw, those feet __